May 2024 Residents’ Association meeting minutes

Minutes Tuesday 14 May 2024
7:30 –9:00 pm RSA Wairaka Rd

Attending: Ross Leggett, Chris Kirk-Burnnand, Paul FitzGerald, Margaret Blair, Jane Comben, Gay Hay, Jonothan Harker, Iain MacLean. Ashley Blair, Hugh Evans
Apologies: Nikky Winchester

Council Updates


Summary of submissions out today – plenty have come through. Hearings starting soon. Drop in sessions.

Community Garden – has a reply for a meeting with KiwiRail. Escarpment Walkway have access way and questioning why we can’t back onto that. Chris says GWRC They have leverage on other issues

Meeting with Simeon Brown mentioned about ferry terminal cancelled. Was going to be 1000 year resilience and pointless if everything else was is damaged in a massive earthquake.


Long Term Plan consultation Paul and Iain presented a submission today.

We aren’t the only ones who commented on Village Planning. There is a conversation for councillors on that.

Plimmerton Farm have applied for fast track consenting. A panel will be put up from PCC and fresh water experts etc. Draft comments PCC generally supportive of development. The extra special development (SDP) would be led by Kainga Ora and planned properly. Council are having a briefing in coming weeks about benefits of PCC taking part or not. In theory a good idea but in practice more mixed. PCC don’t have to take part in it. Barber development would be part of SDP. Some developers including Barber are ready to go. PCC worried about downstream load on sewage, silt, mana waste-water, etc.

Wellington Region water options are open to discussion.

Love Local trade show coming up again.

Career expo in Arena was successful.

New hub sign installed to replace Civil Defence

Ross on Transport Committee – new government seems to be moving away from cycle ways but being addressed in other ways.

Escarpment domes and replanting

Discussion with Hugh Evans (Floruit)

Regenerative Tourism — focus as social enterprise, investing in marginal farmland to plant mostly native forest. Looking at 5 sites around NZ. This is a pilot and test for accommodation for revenue to plant Verity and Pamela’s farm. ¾ through build. Resort consent for 5 years with strict conditions. 3 domes accommodation, 1 is a communal dome. Max 12 people on site. First year just over hectare planned for planting. They are interested in relationship of people and place. Larger model will have a membership model. Plan for 2040 timescale.

Previous project Thankyou Payroll transitioning to steward ownership. Into a trust with all profits into a trust to be a self-funded charity. They want a similar approach with this project. Profits from carbon sequestration, all sites will have grant making and employment opportunities. They starting people staying in one month.

Fencing needs to be done with Hamish the farmer. They only need about 500 metres. Access through Woolshed road and their carpark on a 4 wheel track. Composting and waste water large dispersal field.

Approval of April 2024 minutes

Motion: Paul moved to accept April minutes, Iain seconded – all agreed, carried.

Matters arising from previous minutes

Action – Long Term Plan Submission made.

Finance report

As at 10 May 2024

$ 11.19 Interest
$ 10.00 Seeds
$ 2860.00 TT
$ 20.00 Surf Seat Postcards

$ 517.50 Korero Printing
$ 50.00 TT Refund
$ 4264.20 TT Printing
$ 5.20 Bank Fees

Funds Transfer

Invoices – Issued

Account balances as at 10 May 2024

Res Assn 000 $ 255.19
He Ara 001 $ 1504.22
CGFF 002 $ 396.41
Kōrero 066 $ 1907.97
Surf Seat 067 $ 174.93
On Call Acct 025 $ 4511.92

Motion: Paul moved to accept May financials, Gay seconded – all agreed, carried.


Contact through website looking for Margaret Blair.

Project updates

Community Garden & Food Forest

  • Tea Towel sales
    108 sold, need to sell 50 more to cover costs.
    Payment made to printers
    We need to develop a marketing plan to complete sales. Action Jane to promote on Facebook through all channels we can think of.
  • Matariki & Crankie
    Thanks to Peter Stevenson (Welsh artist /storyteller) for his generous contribution of his talent and time to this concept. Thanks to Brian for the wonderful Crankie construction.
  • Compost
    Paul and Brian have built an amazing set of 3 bins. Vicky will manage the making of compost with help from Brian and Cory (Wellesley Sustainable Trust).
  • Tree Crop Trust Application and project.
    $1000 applied for to buy trees, signage and promotional pamphlets. Thanks to Jonathan for his computer skills to complete application.
  • Tree Crop visit
    Approximately 20 people from Wellington / Horowhenua Tree Crops Association will visit garden 18 May at 1pm. Jane to welcome, Ara to present history of the garden, Gay to talk about current projects. We will provide afternoon tea and promote tea towels.
  • Work day 9 June
    Poster in Residents Association notice board, Facebook promo.
    Cory from Wellesley Sustainable Trust has agreed to talk about liquid composts we can make for our gardens. He asked for a Koha.
  • Kindergarten visit
    Proposed for last Wednesday of May (29th).
    They have asked for a Crankie presentation of the Matariki story at the kindergarten. We need to confirm with storyteller.
  • Identifying of fruit trees
    Paul has made good progress with this. Agreed to purchase a ‘poker’ to write names onto wood. More computer details to access information may be added later.
    Lenka has asked for our support to cater John’s birthday at RSA. She will make a donation to the garden.
  • Cranky
    Thanks to the generous contribution Peter Stevenson from Wales made to us having a Crankie. During his visit to Aotearoa last year and his visit to our Garden, Peter put forward the idea of a Crankie for our Community Garden. Peter is a world renowned story teller, illustrator and collector. Peter’s son is now resident in our country and so Peter will visit him for several months every year. When he was planning his trip this year, he suggested to me that if he could stay in my studio he would paint a Crankie for us as a donation to our Garden.  Gay, can you help me here? Was it after meeting with you and Moira Wairama, that we as a collective came up with the idea of a Matariki themed story for the Crankie. Gay arranged permissions from Moira and also Margaret Tolland who illustrated Moira’s book ‘Nanny Jo and the Wild Mokopuna’. Peter based his illustrations on Margaret’s work. He did not copy but was inspired by Margaret’s work. Within Moira’s book Nanny Jo tells the story of the great fisherman Taramainuku and it is this story that Peter painted onto our Crankie Scroll. Brian Sullivan took up the task of creating the frame within which the Crankie scroll sits and is turned for the telling. Brian met with Peter, Peter provided drawings and dimensions for the Crankie house and Brian created a most wonderful home for our Crankies. There are many people to thank for this Crankie we now have and it began with and was facilitated by Peter’s generous offer to our community. 
    Peter is also a story collector and during his next visit to our shores, Gay has suggested the idea of Peter collecting stories of Nobby Clark and creating a Crankie of Nobby’s story.

He Ara

  • He Ara Facebook story about the RSA embroidered tablecloth was well received. Excellent connections made on ANZAC day at the RSA.
  • A very successful team visit to the Mt Welcome Bush as part of research for the Natural History section of our website.
  • The panel for Pou Tangaroa has been through the approval process and is now being manufactured.
  • Tony Jackman has passed to us large crates of papers. The first two covered the bypass v TG issue, reclaiming the gully which is now the Secret Valley, and a few other gems, including an advertisement for the very first Matariki walk in Pukerua Bay.
  • We have been helping to clear the space which housed the Museum at Pukerua Bay School.
  • Rail Comes to Pukerua now on our website:
  • He Ara has registered to be part of the 2024 Heritage Festival


Kōrero is working on this year’s Matariki issue, which incorporates the theme of music. We’re grateful to the Hub for its koha. It means we can support them in their mahi, while also helping to cover our own costs.

We will be making this, or a similar statement, in the editorial:

The Kōrero whānau joins with the Residents’ Association in grieving Council’s decision to end the Village Planning Framework, a process and funding source that has helped facilitate so much that is good in Pukerua Bay, including many of the initiatives and activities shared in these pages. We hope to play a part in finding other ways to give residents a voice in shaping our community and place to be what we want it to be.

The next issue will be published in September and will be on the theme of hauora. The November issue will focus on writers and writing.

We will be applying for a grant from Pelorus Trust after this issue, looking for sufficient funds to cover two issues.

Climate change

May 14 2024 – Moira Visited the local Repair Café in Raumati and we have talked about running another workshop series in September/October.

General business

PCC Long Term Plan – Iain and Paul talked at submissions. There was another submitter talking about composting.

Shared Pathway repairs. – From shop to overbridge. 2 parts to it.
Drainage issue meant water eroded. Council and engineers are discussing and Engineering firm may have to redesign and cover the costs. Further slip – being bundled with other Whitby slips and out for tender. May start in December once process complete.

Closed: 9pm

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New constitution for Pukerua Bay Residents’ Association

The government has changed the legislation on incorporated societies (The Incorporated Societies Act 2022, passed on 6 April 2022), and this has some impact on both the Residents’ Association’s constitution and some of our practices. As a result, we need to change the constitution and have the changes approved by the Annual General Meeting on 11 October 2023.

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February 2022 Residents’ Association meeting minutes

Tuesday, 8 February 2022

Present: Paul FitzGerald, Iain McLean, Kate Dreaver, Mel Galletly, Margaret Blair, Jonathan Harker, Pauline Morum, Pat Henley, Lenka Horanska, Stewart McKenzie (PCC), Nicola Ethridge (PCC), Chris Kirk-Burnnand (GWRC), Guy Marriage, Janice Rodenburg, Adele Hickford.
Apologies: Nikky Winchester, Moira Lawler, Kelly Olatunji
Approval of previous minutes: moved Jonathan, seconded Iain, none opposed.

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2022 AGM reports now available

Annual reports for this year’s Annual General Meeting are available online. These include the Chair’s report from the committee, the financial statements, the Village Plan, and reports on activities by various groups operating under the umbrella of the Residents’ Association.

2022 AGM reports (PDF)


Wednesday, 19 October @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Pukerua Bay Community and School Hall, Rawhiti Road

  • Welcome and Apologies
  • Guest Speaker: Tony Sutorius, Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Plimmerton Volunteer Fire Brigade
  • Adoption of the Minutes from 2021 Annual General Meeting
  • Adoption of Annual report of the Chair and committee, including reports on:
    • Village Plan
    • He Ara Pukerua
    • Community Garden and Food Forest
    • Surfers’ Seat
    • Kōrero
    • Waste Free Pukerua Bay
  • Adoption of Financial report
  • General business
    • Adoption of the Village Plan
    • Climate Change
    • Incorporated Societies Act 2022-Changes to membership.
  • Election of Executive Committee members

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Climate change workshop ideas for action

Forty-five people attended today’s climate change workshop in Pukerua Bay, a good turnout for a sunny Sunday afternoon and which included three of the local ward city councillors and the mayor.

Also present were members of Porirua City Council’s sustainability and climate change team, who gave attendees a rundown on the risks climate change and extreme weather events present to Pukeru Bay.

The workshop used the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as the framework for discussion, and groups identified the ones relevant to our community, and came up with examples of things we are either doing, could do more of, or could start. People took a broad view, with a resilient community focus and climate change as a major force impacting the community. Some of the ideas were for more information, such as workshops on solar household power, or taking a ‘circular economy’ view of household or business purchases, while others involved sharing of resources. Planned housing developments and infrastructure were also identified as things that need a strong climate change response built in.

The ideas collected are being collated and will be shared with the participants and the rest of the community.

Porirua City Council will soon start consulting the community on its climate change action plan, and today’s workshop puts the Pukerua Bay community in a good position to get into more detailed discussions with the council on our needs, and how we can contribute to the community response.

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Climate Change Workshop

Are you keen to get involved in a discussion about climate change, focused on issues and solutions in Pukerua Bay? Want to find out what others are doing, and how you can be part of a community response that starts from our strengths and the positive things we are already doing?

Whether as an individual or as a member of a group, you are warmly welcomed to a community workshop to be held on Sunday 16 October in the Pukerua Bay School and Community Hall. This will be a ‘stock-take’ meeting where we develop an understanding of the local impacts of climate change, ascertain what issues are on top for people and map our connections with each other. We will also consider the UN Sustainable Development Goals and think about what they mean for our village.

We really look forward to seeing you there!

Venue: Pukerua Bay School & Community Hall (map)
Date: 2pm – 4pm, Sunday 16 October 2022 (ical)

The purpose of this workshop is to:

  • Raise awareness about environmental activities in Pukerua Bay (Kaitiakitanga)
  • Raise awareness about climate change impacts
  • Identify a set of residents who want to take the conversation further

Light refreshments will be provided.

Time table:

2.00 pmKarakia timatanga 
2.10 pmWorkshop overview 
2.15 pmWhakawhanaungatanga: introduction, why are you here
2.30 pm Brief overview from Council
2.40 pmSustainable Development Goals exercise – Led by Barbara Nebel
Grab a cup of tea and reflect
3.10 pmLightning report back from each group
3.20 pmSynthesise, report back and discussion
3.45 pmNext steps
3.55 pm
Karakia and close
Pack up

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Local Government 2022 election candidates

It’s that time where we all vote for who represents us on our local government bodies (Porirua City Council, Greater Wellington Regional Council), and who serves as mayor of Porirua city. The election runs from 16 September to 8 October; more about voting is available at the Electoral Commission’s Vote NZ site.

Pukerua Bay “Meet the Candidates” public meeting

Date: 7 pm, Wednesday 14 September (ical)
Venue: Pukerua Bay School and Community Hall (map)

Come and find out what your candidates are about, and grill them with your pointed questions. We’re asking candidates for information relevant to Pukerua Bay, and putting together responses as they come to hand on our election page, “2022 Local Government Election”. More information on the Porirua City Council candidates is available on the Porirua City Council “Candidates for Election” page.

Local Government 2022 election candidates Read More »

Meet the Candidates Wednesday 14 September

After the success of this event at the last Local Body Elections we are doing it again. Candidates for PCC Mayor, Parirua Maori Ward, Pauatahanui General Ward and GWRC Porirua-Tawa Ward have been invited to introduce themselves to the community then face up to questions (feel free to send a question to but do indicate if it’s aimed at Mayoral, Regional or PCC candidates).

The meeting will be in the School and Community Hall starting at 7 pm and finishing at 9 pm with the opportunity to mingle and talk more to the candidates after the Q & A session.

If you’re inclined bring a plate.

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