March 2024 Residents Association Meeting Minutes

Present: Ross Leggett, Chris Kirk-Burnnand, Paul FitzGerald, Margaret Blair, Jane Comben, Gay Hay, Jonothan Harker , Iain MacLean. Late comer Matt Meladonis
Apologies: none

Approval of February 2024 minutes

Approval of February 2024 minutes
Motion: Gay moved to accept February minutes, Iain seconded – all agreed, carried.

Council Updates


  • Chris has visited the community garden with Paul and will try to make inquiries.
  • Mt Welcome understand the consenting issues and challenges. First bit will be 10% of whole development. We’ve seen the visualisation images with lots of trees.
  • Thursday this week voting on LTP for GWRC looking at a 19.8% rates rise. 66% transport (but more technically) so that is a concern. Includes fares increase. When national ticketing comes in there maybe charges for Park and Ride with concessions for train ticket holders.
  • Consulting on own and set up a depot in Miramar and northern areas. Depots need to be near electricity for charging buses.
  • Looking to purchase 2approx 3% shares owned by Horizons Centreport shares. Considered important to add to 77% existing shares so it’s kept in local community ownership. Chris is confident their yield can be improved overtime.


  • Long Term Plan consultation coming out 1 April. There will be a meeting 4 April 3-5pm at RSA. 17.5% proposed rates increase in the first year. Many projects have been deferred or stopped.
  • PCC have chosen to include water in the LTP – although it should be taken over by other govt arrangements. 66% of Capex is water. Most commitments that are remaining are related to water. The big tank project will help prevent overflows into the harbour.
  • New govt policy statement changes direction from previous govt and downplay emissions but deals other items such as increase road maintenance. There will be more clarity over time. Way things are funded (eg cycleways) are changing.
  • Civic awards nominations are open again. Think about if we’d like to nominate anyone.
  • Plunket Room consultation document is coming out. Although we have already consulted in a basic overview way.
  • Village Plan – proposal for consultation is coming out that Village Planning will be culled for cost saving. Capex will go. Some projects in the system will be worked through.

Matters arising from previous minutes.

Action: Chris and Paul have visited to the Community Garden.

Finance Report

To March 2024 Meeting, as at 10 March 2024

BNZ   		$11,369.25
$   130.00  CGFF Tea Towel Pre Pay
$   770.00  Korero Invoices
$   300.00  Korero Donation
$       3.52  Interest
$     13.58  Interest

$  678.48  Korero	
$      3.80  Bank Fees 
Invoices – Unpaid
$  220.00
Account balances as at 10 March 2024

Res Assn 000    	$  255.19
He Ara 001		$1661.60
CGFF 002		$7107.01
Kōrero 066		$2190.47
Surf Seat 067		$  154.93


12 Feb 2024: Porirua Community Leaders Forum invite forwarded by Jono fromTalanoa Wānanga 

13 Feb 2024: Paul FitzGerald responded to Bill Inge’s email about cleaning work on theSecret Valley Murals.

No Action items

Project Updates:

Community Garden

  • Compost system. Bins in place. Vicky and Brian leading the project.
  • Pest Control. Very frustrating for beans tomatoes and berries. We plan to consult other gardens and try to establish a yearlong attack. We will plant less densely next year.
  • New signs created by Gay to prevent people taking fruits before they’re ready
  • Pavilion report. Working on interior.
  • Matariki celebrations. Plan to provide pumpkins for school hangi in future. Garden to host Welsh author, artist storyteller, Peter Stevenson. He will work with community to construct a “Crankie” and provide art work to retell a Matariki story. Ara Swanney has offered to work with tamariki to make harakeke stars. Possible date 22 June.
  • Winter prep of gardening. Discussion still needed.
  • School Gala. We will be taking orders for our tea towels (Due April 20). We will donate a basket of produce as a raffle prize for the school.
  • Korero. Gay and Margaret have agreed to work on an article for the next publication focussing on “kai”.
  • Local business (not sure which) may support garden with a staff work day. We need to action this.

He Ara Pukerua

• The Stores panel was revealed on Thursday 7 March by Janine Thomson and Darryl Lindsay. They are grandchildren of Arthur and Annie Lindsay, the original owners of the Lindsay family store.
– Bill Inge and Megan Krishnan from PCC also came along.
– We are blown away with the responses to our posts on He Ara Facebook from all over the world. There is often subsequent dialogue between many of these people.
• Pou panel – wording had been approved by PCC we are now waiting on approval from Ngati Toa.
• PCC have put in the concrete pads for the Mosen and Pool seats in the Muri Reserve.
• Wellington Heritage Festival – we have received an invitation to participate in October.
• Margaret has met with author and researcher Clare Gleeson about Miss Ngita Woodhouse.
• Work is proceeding on the He Ara website.
• Ashley accompanied three classes from Pukerua Bay School to Wairaka rock and talked to them about Albert Augustus Clark aka Nobby Clark.
• Visit from Dick Farrell. He has so many stories about living in the Bay as a child. He will be back again. He donated a large, framed photograph of the beach in the 1960s

Motion:  Approval requested from this Residents’ Association meeting to apply to the Nikau Foundation for funds to complete the panels project. moved Paul, seconded Jono – Carried


Kōrero is now in its fourth year of publication. We’re entering this year without our dear friend, Mel, and in the knowledge that we will soon lose Iain. In the face of those losses, we’re delighted to welcome three new people to our editorial team: Gill England, Carla Guy, and Kelly McClean.  Iain remains on the team for the meantime. Kate continues as co-ordinating editor, Moira ably organises advertising and budget, Nikky is chief proofreader, Jonathan looks after the IT side of things, and Gill has stepped in to look after distribution.  Anne’s role as designer is critical – she makes us look good!

Our extended whānau includes our distribution team; Paul, who does most of the pickups from the printer; and Margaret who processes our invoices and helps Moira keep track of finances. And, of course, it includes our wonderful contributors, whose numbers grow with each issue.

Publication would be impossible without the generosity of our advertisers, sponsors, and, last year, the Pelorus Trust. 

Our first three issues this year have needed to be produced on a tight timeframe, as Matariki will be celebrated a month earlier than usual, so Issue 3 will have to come out in the first half of the year. We have not finalised dates for issues 4 and 5. These will be determined later in the year and be responsive to community events.  With that in mind, this is the 2024 schedule.

Korero schedule 2024 (in devt.)
IssueThemeCopy due date
FebruaryThe beach – where we live and playComplete
AprilKai12 March
Early JuneMusic and Matariki1 May
NovemberWriters and writing 

Financially, we are reasonably on track, but our planning is based on 16-page issues, and we find that we normally need 20 pages. A sign of success, but it does create some pressure. For that reason, we would like the RA committee to endorse our application for another grant to help pay for printing.

Motion:  To apply to Pelorus Trust for extra funding for Korero printing costs. moved Iain, seconded Jono – Carried

General Business

Community Resilience – Matt Meladonis

  • Still pin point water sources outside the community hub and distribution plan.
  • We need to localised fliers specific to Pukerua Bay about what to do. What to do, what to keep in stock. Margaret suggested we find a sponsor for printing
  • Need a list of people who would require assistance, on chronic meds etc.
  • Hoping to get some street groups going with Street Rep so it will help distribute information easily. Could coordinate with neighbourhood watch if it existed. Neighbourhood day could be an opportunity.
  • Whetu Bennett contacted Matt about radios and told Jane the PKB report will be updated in April.
  • List of key personnel in bay (medics, elderly care, police etc)
  • If we have a long term panic, perhaps put out a call out for generator, chest freezers etc. Investigate EV’s V2L powering like a battery.

Muri Road Development update

Artist impression renders were sent in the part that is already zoned for residential and consented. It’s a Jennian homes development. To be put out on a Facebook post.

Closed: 8.52pm

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February 2024 Residents Association Meeting Minutes

Present: Paul FitzGerald, Margaret Blair, Jane Comben, Gay Hay, Nicky Winchester, Chris Kirk Burnard, Iain MacLean, Chris Kirk-Burnnand
Apologies: Ross Leggett
Motion: Iain moved to accept December minutes, Gay seconded – carried

Matters arising from previous minutes.

Action completed: Paul sent the letter to Chris Kirk-Burnnand as per correspondence.

Finance Report to February 2023 Meeting as at 13 February 2024

Motion: That any adhoc expenditure over $300 from any of the subgroups groups should be approved by the RA committee. This could be by email. Authority is delegated to subgroups to approve adhoc expenditure under $300.
Proposed by Margaret, Seconded by Nikky – Carried

BNZ   		$10,919.43  
$ 3000.00	CGFF Tea Towel loan  
$   740.00	CGFF Tea Towel Prepay
$     27.70	CGFF Donation
$ 1500.00	CGFF Donation K & I MacLean
$   170.00	CGFF Plant Sales  
$   240.00	He Ara Prints   
$   470.00	Kōrero Advert

$        3.24     Bank Fees 
$    101.74     CGFF Gas & Kettle 
$      40.00     CGFF RSA Voucher
Invoices - Issued	
$1350.00  	Kōrero 
Account balances as at 13 February 2024

Res Assn 000    	$  238.10
He Ara 001		$1637.00
CGFF 002		$6978.21
Kōrero 066		$1911.15
Surf Seat 067		$  154.93

Motion: To approve the Financial Report Dated 13th February 2024 moved Paul, seconded Gay – Carried


21 Dec 2023:  From  Richard Pole PCC, content about rail and Muri Road history. Response from Paul FitzGerald suggesting He Ara
16 December 2023: From Paul FitzGerald To Chris Kirk-Burnnand Content – KiwiRail cost of access to CCFF
19 December 2023:
From Chris Kirk-Burnnand – contact with Fiona Abbott GW to KiwiRail cost of access to CCFF
December to the website, from Tom RE: He Ara – bollards
10 Jan 2024: from Maureen Clift – regarding Ross Brown
13 February 2024 : Contact from Bill Inge – regarding the cleaning of mural tagging next week.

Project Updates

Community Garden

Gay Hay –
Successful Summer Celebration on Wellington Anniversary Day
Despite some rain, 25-30 ish locals visited the garden for our Summer Celebration. We had plant and flower sales, tea towel orders, local art, rock painting and storytime for the children, refreshments and the official presentation and planting of Iain McLean’s plum tree (that was donated to him by Ahu Charitable Trust). Brian kindly wrote this poem on behalf of the PKB Community:

Iain’s Plum Tree Poem
Here we stand in readiness
On a day that’s orchestrated
To see the place where we will plant
A tree that Iain’s donated

This isn’t just a fruiting tree
Like the others already here
This one will help remind us of
Today, this month, this year

You see if it wasn’t for Iain’s drive
His strength and his tenacity
To match the Council’s rules and regs
With his patience and technocality

There wouldn’t be a Garden here today
Where we can join together
To celebrate the Community spirit
In this perfect planting weather
(22 January 2024)

Summer Watering
We’re decided to divide the garden into areas which various people will take responsibility to keep
watered (while we’re still able to use hand held hoses).

Progress on Pavilion
The scaffolding is down and the pavilion is looking great! Special thanks to Paul for fixing up the school desks.Some more work to be done inside but it’s looking very smart.

Progress on composting
The worm bin is installed and in use.

Fundraising tea towel
Pre-orders are open for our beautiful tea towel featuring Kate Jacobs artwork.

Statement of the community garden
We’re working on a statement of purpose for the community garden to share with Ngati Toa and aid funding applications. To date it is:

At Pukerua Bay Food Forest and Community Garden, we unite as a collective strength, fostering social bonds, engaging tamariki, and educating our community on sustainable gardening practices.
Run by volunteers, we strive to produce healthy, local food while supporting community resilience through sustainable initiatives.
Our garden is a thriving hub. Together, we are sowing the seeds of a greener, healthier, and more connected Pukerua Bay for generations to come.
‘E hara taku toa I te toa takitahi he toa takitini.’’
‘My strength is not as an individual, but as a collective.

Family Day
Whanau from Ireland and the UK attended a morning tea in the garden with lots of delicious baking!

Childrens’ Gardening Group
Gay is looking at funding for a possible gardening club for children, possibly in the holidays. Pip who has taken over the School’s after school care is interested.

Iain’s Wake
The CCFF are helping Kate and family cater and set up the school and community hall for Iain McLean’s wake when the time comes. They have generously offered us funds to do this.

Approached The CCFF regarding matariki events in the garden

Paekakariki Community garden have offered to run a biochar workshop in the garden in their new machine.

He Ara Pukerua

St Luke’s Panel: Installed and blessed by Rev Motekiai Fakatou at service on Sunday 11 February.

• Stores Panel: Margaret to follow up with Janine Thomson, grand daughter of Annie and Arthur Lindsay, to come along for the reveal of this panel.
• Pou: Draft returned to Jane for two small layout changes.
• Website: We will send through material to Anne according to what we have in budget to pay her.
• Funding: We will keep at this.
• Mission Statement: Considered, to read:
“The vision of He Ara Pukerua is that of a community where everyone has the opportunity to share knowledge of Pukerua Bay’s history and heritage.
“For a community to thrive they need to know their history.”
• Muri pavilion: Final stages of renovation nearing completion. Then we will celebrate.
• Stuff archive: Ashley contacted Lance. Lance talked to management and was informed that Fairfax Media had removed them and sent to the Wellington Library? He is still pursuing this.
• Responded to email query received via Residents website regarding bollards without panels.


Gone to Anne for layout and a meeting is being held on Thursday.

Wastefree PKB

Want to set a date for a new recycling day. Nicky wants to reach out to the climate group for helpers

General Business

Motion: Gay proposes approval to apply for funding from the Sutherland Self Help Trust for educational purposes associated with the CCFF. Moved Gay – Carried, all agreed

Muri Road Development update
Jennian Homes (PK homes development) have approved consent. 144 lots, 2 local purpose reserves, mixture of stand-alone and terraced housing. Trees removed out onto Highway 59.

St Marks
Question about progress on the use of St Marks.

Closed: 9pm

Next Meeting: March 12th

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December 2023 Residents Association meeting minutes

12 December 2023

Present: Paul FitzGerald, Margaret Blair, Jonathan Harker, Jane Comben, Gay Hay, Nicky Winchester, Chris Kirk Burnard, Iain MacLean
Apologies: none
Motion: Iain moves to approve previous minutes subject to name update and adding Wellington Water information.Paul second – all passed.

Council Updates

Kapiti Line Services increasing costs as KiwiRail have responsibility to maintain infrastructure but they flagged it early enough.
Funding for 9 mill for trains. It will double Wairarapa services, and quadruple train services on Kapiti and extend to Levin. GWRC makes losses on service. Used to be dollar for dollar but costs have moved onto ratepayers. It’s now 1 to 3. 39 million trips this year which is back up to 2019 levels. New ticketing system is coming which gives better control over ticketing.

Long Term Plan coming out early March for consultation. LTP working with 6 different iwi which has extended consultation time. Chris was unhappy with suggested 40% increases to maintain level of service. Now should be about 20% then 18% and 16%.

Wants more money to be put into flood protection as money has been spent on Riverlink costs – so flood protection reduced elsewhere. We have trouble with Porirua stream.

Lets get wellington moving – change of govt means it won’t go ahead in its current form.

Centreport – 3 new directors including Helmut from iwi in Porirua. Chris  supports moves to get strong commercial return and benefits over the next few years for ratepayers. See it as similar asset to airports.

PKB boat ramp. PCC is responsible but needs resource consent from GWRC. Chris supporting update.

Northern Growth – Wellington water not sure they can supply water and infrastructure for that number of houses.

Action – Paul FitzGerald, Community Garden. Send Chris a letter about the costs to the garden for KiwiRail access and indemnity and he will look into it.

Matters Arising

Previous minutes note adding Iain as a signatory to the check account – he says don’t rush.

Financial report 

Finance Report to December 2023 Meeting   as at 11 December 2023

BNZ                            $ 4917.23
Income:                     $  20.00        He Ara Koha
                                    $100.00        He Ara Prints    
                                    $  50.00        He Ara Donation    
                                    $274.00        CGFF  RSA Quiz 
Expenditure:            $       0.80    Bank Fees 
Invoices - Issued     Nil 
Account balances as at 11 December 2023
Res Assn 000           $  238.10
He Ara 001               $1397.60
CGFF 002                 $1685.45
Kōrero 066               $1441.15
Surf Seat 067           $  154.93

Motion: Paul moved to pass the financials, Iain second – all passed.


5 December 2023: From Philippa Cox to Moira and Paul about the Scientific reserve

Action items


Project Updates

Community Garden – below
He Ara Pukerua – no report
Kōrero – below
Climate Action – below
Waste Free PKB – no report

Community Garden

Gay Hay –
Summer Watering
Need a roster. Still need to turn on as not enough soak hoses set up.
Volunteers please. Matt Meladonis is willing to help with an irrigation system.
Progress on Pavilion
Roof is painted, barge boards, finials are up. Jacob Slankard is a local carpenter who has offered to help complete the pavilion.
Progress on composting

Brian has met with Neil and ready to relocate and set up the worm bin. Funds from RSA quiz going to the bin set up.
Grass cutting
We are sequestering carbon by letting the grass grow with paths cut through it.
Brian topped the grass near Terry’s fence as a fire break.
Progress on tea towel
Kate is working with design and sourcing costings for quality printing.
Anniversary Day event
Details to be confirmed at next meeting.
Control of pests
Ashley has noticed issues with the beans. We have agreed to try ‘Quash’ an environmentally friendly slug bait. Any more donations of food bag wool is welcome as it helps mulch and keeps snails out.
Currently we have $1411.45 which needs to be used for the KiwiRail $462 and public liability $655.

$462 Kiwirail
$655 public liability
$200 pavilion
$300 compost

Planning is underway for a fundraising calendar for 2025

Statement of the community garden
We need a statement of the purpose of the community garden to share with Ngati Toa (for a te reo name) and aid funding applications. We understand Lenka has done the initial work on this and need to check with her on this.
Family Day
We planning an afternoon tea at the garden for visiting families from overseas. 27th Jan or maybe the Anniversary day.


Iain MacLean – Planning meeting held Thursday 30 November.
First issue for next year is well underway with a theme of ‘reading’. We have a draft outline for the next 3 issues.

Climate Action

Jane Comben –
We had successful events.
WREMO (Wellington Regional Emergency Management Office) workshop on 25 Nov was attended by 9 locals. We took notes and have suggestions to have a follow up event in March/April. Beach clean-up – 10 Dec Brendan Beach was a success despite bad weather (11 locals). Meg talked to Briony about possibly helping to clear the path of sand.

General Business:

District Plan decisions

Iain MacLean – email from Council with changes to the District Plan from the draft to the final released last week. 

Things added to final District Plan

Climate change and resilience [a whole new part added to the introduction] 
The development will incorporate design principles that anticipate the effects of climate change, to mitigate its impacts, to avoid contributing to it and to increase community resilience. 

Freshwater management areas [single sentence added] 

Other activities may also need to locate or be undertaken within these areas to enable the wider development of the area, such as infrastructure or earthworks.  

Connectivity [single sentence added] 

The form of this access [to SH59] is to be informed by a transport strategy that will be developed in collaboration with key stakeholders and lead by the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency. 

DEV-NG-02 Planning urban built environment of the Northern Growth Development Area [words in bold added] 

5. Predominantly medium density housing with a variety of housing types, sizes and tenures; 

7. An urban form that is integrated with the transport network, and encourages public and active transport modes while minimising reliance on private vehicles

DEV-NG-P2 Subdivision [words in bold added] 

4. Provides a transport network layout and design that: 

    a.  Is safe for all transport users

    b.  Recognises and provides for transport connections at the boundaries of the Development Area where opportunities exist, including an appropriate connection to State Highway 59

Things removed from draft and not included in the final

Words in bold and italics and in square braces deleted]

DEV-NG-P3 [Potentially] Appropriate development

Only allow subdivision, use and development that is [potentially] not in accordance with the Northern Growth Development Area Structure Plan where it is demonstrated that it is appropriate for such subdivision, use or development to occur within the Development Area, having regard to whether: 

1. The purpose and effects of the subdivision, use or development are likely to constrain, limit or compromise the intended development and use of the Development Area as set out in the Structure Plan, including consideration of… 

WREMO – Emergency exercises

Run by Whetu Bennett. As mentioned above in Climate Action report section, we discussed having quarterly events/workshops at the RSA for interested people and possibly setting up a kit at the RSA as a backup to the school one.


Christmas on the field not happening this year. There was an attempt to separate the PKB Hub from Ahu Trust. That didn’t work this year as both were run by the same people. They didn’t have the people to run Christmas on the Field so it’s not going ahead. Suggested that cancelation was communicated to the community and also to give people a chance to step up.

Meeting closed: 8.50pm 

Next Meeting: February 13th 2024

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2018 Residents’ Association AGM minutes

7.30 pm, Monday 29 October 2018


Committee: Iain MacLean, Jonathan Harker, Paul FitzGerald, Brian Sullivan, Kate Dreaver, David Olsen, Pauline Morse, June Penhey, Beccy Davis.
Community: Lucy Wiles, Gillian Candler, Ben Knight, Mack Morum, Pauline Morum, Kerry Gray, Jacqui McIntosh, Josh Wrightson, Angela Brown, Kelly McClean, Barbara Donaldson (GWRC), Anita Baker (PCC), Ross Leggett (PCC), Dale Williams (PCC), Jenny Brash (GWRC), Lee Begg, Jenny Dawson, Nikky Winchester, Megan Winchester, Jenny Wrightson, Trevor Thompson (QE2 National Trust), Yvonne Fletcher, Bill McAulay, Anna Geling, Fiona Sutton, Melvin Galletly, Kate Dreaver, Christine Ford, John Ford, Iesha Warren, Damien Stairmand.
Apologies: Guy Marriage, Margaret & Ashley Blair.

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February 2017 Residents’ Association meeting minutes

Tuesday 14 February 2017

Present: Iain McLean, June Penhey, Kate Dreaver, Brian Sullivan, Jonathan Harker, Paul FitzGerald, Beccy Davis, Jenny Brash (GWRC), Rebecca Jackson (Wellington Regional Emergency Office).
Community: Peter Roach.
Apologies: Pauline Morse, Jonathan Harker, Dale Williams, Justine McDermott. …

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2015 Residents’ Association AGM Minutes

Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 3 November 2015



Committee members: Kate Dreaver, Jonathan Harker, Iain MacLean, Pauline Morse, June Penhey, Dagmar Pesendorfer, Geert van de Vorstenbosch.
Porirua City Council (PCC): Bronwyn Kropp.
Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC): Jenny Brash.
Community: Jenny Dawson, Rachel Prebble, Gay Hay, Pamela Gerrish-Nunn, Jacqui McIntosh, Nick Markwell, Nick Vincent, Fiona Sutton, Bernard Knapp, Margaret Blair, Brian Sullivan, Lee Begg, Ted Coats, Gillian Candler, Dale Shirtliff, Yvonne Fletcher, Paul FitzGerald, Phil Wiles, Angela Fisher.


Anita Baker (PCC), Barbara Donaldson (GWRC), Euon Murrell (PCC), Tim Sheppard (PCC). …

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