Iain MacLean

April 2024 Residents’ Association meeting minutes

Tuesday 9 April 2024
7:30 pm, RSA, 5 Wairaka Road

Apologies: Jane Comben, Margaret Blair, Chris Kirk-Burnnand.
Present: Paul FitzGerald, Nikky Winchester, Gay Hay, Iain MacLean

Approval of March minutes

Motion: Paul moved to accept February minutes, Iain seconded – all agreed, carried.

Council updates


Matters arising


Financial report

Have transferred money into interest bearing account. Finance Report to April 2024 Meeting, as at 31 March 2024:

BNZ         $11900.35

$ 460.00 CGFF TT Orders at Gala Day
$ 10.00 CGFF Seeds
$ 220.00 Korero Invoice
$ 0.68 Interest
$ 99.48 Ara Web Hosting
$ 57.50 He Ara Website Updates
$ 2.60 Interest
Funds Transfer:
$ 4500.00 From CGFF to 25 Act
Invoices Issued:
$ 64.00 Kōrero

Account balances as at 31 March 2024

Res Assn 000    $  255.19
He Ara 001      $ 1504.22
CGFF 002        $ 3075.41
Kōrero 066      $ 2409.87
Surf Seat 067   $  154.93
On Call Acct    $ 4500.73

2024 Budgets for Kōrero, CGFF, He Ara, Surfers’ Seat

Surfers’ Seat $ 70.00 On-going maintenance
He Ara $ 1000.00 Website development, Domain name
CGFF $ 1117.85 Kiwi Rail & Aon Insurance
$ 4275.00 Tea Towels 250 @ $17.10 each
Korero $ 2620.00 Print costs @16 pages $524 x 5 issues

Surfers’ Seat $ 50.00 Events
He Ara $ 400.00 Print Sales
CGFF $ 600.00 Plant Sales
$ 6750.00 Tea Towels
Korero $ 1350.00 Advertising

Motion: to accept the finincial report. Moved Paul, seconded Gay. Agreed.

Motion: Pukerua Bay Community Garden Food Forest to make an application to the NZ Tree Trust to cover any shortfall in expenses for the project to develop a rongoa medicinal garden. This is likely to cover specimen and ground cover trees, signage and pamphlet. Can apply for up to $2,000. Proposed Gay Hay, seconded Nikky Winchester. Approved by committee.


Email from Adele Hickford about drop-in session (PCC report forwarded by her).

Action items


Project updates

Community Garden Food Forest

  • Compost bins. Work in progress. Being painted.
  • NZ Tree Trust application is being processed.
  • Developing a worksheet with aerial photo to encourage people to nominate areas they can work in as part of working days
  • Winter prep for garden. Group discussion needed.
  • Plan for focused work day on the second Saturday of June.
  • Matariki — plan forJune 22. Peter Stevenson Welsh story teller has painted pictures for Cranke / story-telling performance. Ara leading harakeke star making. There will be an opportunity for shared kai.

He Ara Pukerua

  • A replacement seat in memory of Delma Mosen has been installed in Muri Reserve and Brian Pool’s memorial bench there too. The families and locals have expressed appreciation and presumably Te Araroa walkers are happy. And no, the seat does not block the gate! Thanks due to Dave Stone at PCC for organising this to happen.
  • He Ara Facebook stories have received good feedback. Stories about the seats, benches and sculptures around the Bay will be put up on a regular basis.
  • We displayed our panorama and Waikokako prints at the school gala. Good connections and conversations.
  • Application for grant submitted to Nikau Foundation.
  • A team visit to the Mt Welcome Bush has been organised as part of research for the Natural History section of our website.
  • A panel for Pou Tangaroa has been designed and is currently going through the approval process.


  • Issue 2 at final proofing stage. Delivery from 19 April
  • Issue 3 (themes Matariki and music) underway and stories already being sourced. 1 May deadline

Waste free PKB

Nothing to report.

Climate Change

Nothing to report.

General business

Long term plan

Three topics to focus on in submission:

  • Water meters from year 4. General agreement in committee to support their compulsory installation as a conservation tool.
  • Kerb side recycling and rubbish collection. Do we agree with this? Proposal to sort glass at kerb side is good idea, but probably don’t have a choice with proposed changes to the general rubbish going into large bins. Residents can’t save money by not putting out bin. Big bins don’t provide incentive to reduce their waste. Can PCC provide the black plastic bags for people who want to save money? Please bring back the non-organic recycling collection.
  • Village Planning – focus should be on community development, rather than Capex funding. Staff costs in operational budget, rather than capital expenditure on projects, structures, etc.

Provide a Kōrero story on LPT. Summarise RA submission, and link to full response on RA website.

PCC drop-in meeting

Publish PCC report on website.

Penguin signs

PCC putting in new penguin signs at beach. Dog bylaws being reviewed in 3 years. Rules and signs need simplifying.

Meeting ended: 8:46 pm
Next meeting: 14 May 2024

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RA submission to Porirua City Council on its 10-year plan

The Residents Association made the following submission to Porirua City Council on its 10-year plan up to 2023.

The increased costs ratepayers are now expected to pay for necessary work in the city are a direct consequence of the approach of previous councils to keep rate increases as low as possible by not investing in infrastructure. This same error has come back to bite councils across the country, and we hope that has changed the approach PCC will take in the future. We understand this might be unpopular with ratepayers, but there are important intergenerational equity issues in this, and councils cannot continue to ‘kick the can down the road’ for any longer.

RA submission to Porirua City Council on its 10-year plan Read More »

District Plan panel cancels tower blocks

In a decision that’s likely to please Pukerua Bay residents, the latest version of the Porirua City Council Proposed District Plan has removed any possibility of high-density housing being built in Pukerua Bay.

Read the latest version of the Porirua City District Plan here.

Kāinga Ora had proposed that every part of Pukerua Bay within 800 metres of the train station should be rezoned as ‘high-density housing’, which would have allowed at least six-storey buildings taller than 22 metres. We were worried that the panel was going to agree to that proposal, or at least rezone all the land within 400 metres of the station, which was the original Kāinga Ora proposal.

PCC has accepted the latest version without change as the new proposed plan. In this, the whole of Pukerua Bay is now locked in as ‘medium density housing’, which is the default for the Wellington region. This allows for up to three houses of three storeys each (up to 12 metres high) to be built on all residential properties as a permitted activity (i.e. without needing a resource consent).

Many Pukerua Bay residents, including the Residents Association, sent in submissions opposing the high-density proposal, and the Association is very pleased to see there won’t be any here.

The current version can be appealed to the Environment Court, but unless the court makes any changes, the latest version will be the final operative plan everyone has to follow.

Climate change and resilience added to District Plan

We were also very pleased to see that the panel added a new section on climate change and resilience to the introduction to the District Plan variation that covers the new developments off Muri Road and the Mount Welcome deer farm (i.e. Variation 1 Northern Growth Area).

We had pointed out that there was no mention of the need to both build to anticipate and prevent the impact of climate change in the new developments, and not do anything that would make it any worse. The panel added proposed wording directly from our submission:

The development will incorporate design principles that anticipate the effects of climate change, to mitigate its impacts, to avoid contributing to it and to increase community resilience.

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August 2023 Residents Association meeting minutes

8 August 2023

Present: Paul FitzGerald, Iain McLean, Mel Galletly, Margaret Blair, Lenka Horanska, Jonathan Harker, Nikky Winchester, Chris Kirk-Burnnand (GWRC), Josh Trlin (PCC), Deepa Goswami (PCC Waste Minimisation Adviser).
Apologies: Moira Lawler, Gay Hay.
Approval of previous minutes: moved Jonathan, seconded Margaret, none opposed.

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Porirua Funders Expo on Wednesday October 5

Funders and support agencies will be on-hand on Thursday 5 October to help local groups as the Porirua Funders Expo is held again at Pātaka.

This event is for organisations looking for funds to support community-focused projects around sports, the arts, supporting youth, the environment, or other areas that provide local benefit.

For more info, including times and workshops, check out the attached poster.

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