Climate change

Pukerua Bay climate action group — unity in action

In October 2022, Pukerua Bay held its first-ever workshop on climate change. Forty-five people came together to share their ideas for mitigating climate change and dealing with its effects. The energy was incredible!

In February 2023, a smaller workshop was held to strengthen our foundations and get more clarity on our direction. At this workshop, we began by constructing a deeper understanding of the role of Ngāti Toa Rangatira as mana whenua of Pukerua Bay.

We also took time to understand the mandate for action provided by the Village Plan and the incredible resources we have in our community, with so many individuals and groups already caring for our place and our people by enacting the values of manaakitanga, whanaungatanga, and kaitiakitanga.

We decided to add to these with three streams of work focused on sustainability, resilience, and supporting the school. The workshop series described below connects to the first two of those streams.

Workshop series

Sundays 3pm–5pm at the RSA, Wairaka Road, through August 2023


Your Household’s Carbon Footprint

August 6: Find out how to measure your household carbon emissions so you can track the difference your carbon actions are making.


The Circular Economy

13 August: How do we change our economy to design out waste, keep materials in use, and regenerate natural systems?


Recycling and Homemade Cleaning Products

20 August: Take action at home by maximising your recycling and making your own cleaning products — a hands-on workshop.


Emergency Management and Resilience

27 August: Events will continue to happen — how will we get ready as households

We’ve drafted the diagram below to represent our strategy. Appropriately, for Matariki, it’s based on the “constellation” model of collaboration! We hope you can see how we plan to build on the strengths we already have in our community to combat climate change.

Climate change strategy in a visual form