District Plan submissions on housing developments

Last weekend we submitted our comments and the changes we want to the proposed variation to the Porirua District Plan for land around Pukerua Bay.

The variation would allow new housing developments on the eastern side of the village, off Muri Road and the Mt Welcome farm (the former deer farm off SH59). Read information on Porirua City Council website.

We suggested a number of changes and additions to strengthen environmental protection, explicitly acknowledge the impact of climate change, the need to identify funding for infrastructure before work starts, and changes to the urban design to improve accessibility and neighbourhood connections. The documents are:

Kāinga Ora considers using Urban Development Act housing provisions

Kāinga Ora and Porirua City Council (PCC) have announced a plan to look at the Northern Growth Area to the south of Pukerua Bay as a ‘Specified Development Project’ to manage housing developments in the area. The Kāinga Ora media release is below.

Links: Kāinga Ora media release on Scoop; background on Kāinga Ora’s Specified Development Projects.

The Residents Association has prepared a statement in response:

“This is a very surprising decision and there is a lot we need to learn to come to grips with it. We know that there is pressure on housing in the region and a strong demand for it. However, we are concerned about the potential impacts on local communities, and the loss of the local voice in decisions. We have worked with Porirua City Council over many years on the 30-year Northern Growth Plan, and we are currently preparing submissions on changes to the District Plan to allow new housing developments in Pukerua Bay. We would be very concerned to lose the ability to influence decisions affecting our communities if PCC is sidelined from the decision-making process. We would expect to be included as key stakeholders in any decisions Kāinga Ora is making that will affect local communities in this area.”

Structure Plan update

The community workshop on the draft Structure Plan for Pukerua Bay was well-attended, with animated discussions about the proposed housing developments and lots of feedback given. Read the feedback and comments here.

PCC is also planning to put all the feedback onto an interactive online map. We’ll also put a link to this here as soon as we have it. PCC has to notify this District Plan variation by August 2022. Any of us can submit on the proposal, in writing and in person to the public hearings. We will publicise updates on this process.

You can also go to the Council website poriruacity.govt.nz/your-council/city-planning-and-reporting/district-plan/

A tip from the planners – it’s a good idea to focus on the rules for planning because that’s where the Council has its influence. PCC doesn’t build the houses, but it does set the rules!