The minutes from the monthly meetings of the Pukerua Bay Residents’ Association.

December 2018 Residents’ Association meeting minutes

Tuesday 11 December 2019

Present: Iain MacLean, June Penhay, Kate Dreaver, Paul FitzGerald, Pauline Morse, Nikky Winchester, Mel Galletly, Dale Williams (PCC)
Apologies: David Olsen, Brian Sullivan, Jenny Brash
Approval of previous minutes: after fixing spelling mistakes; moved Kate, seconded Paul, none opposed, carried.

2017 Residents’ Association AGM minutes

Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 7 November 2017

Present: Iain MacLean, June Penhey, Brian Sullivan, Paul FitzGerald, Jonathan Harker, Pauline Morse, Kate Dreaver, Beccy Davis.
Councillors: Dale Williams (PCC), Bill Inge (PCC).
Community: Robyn Moore, Pauline Morum, Mack Morum, David Olsen, Jenny Olsen, Joy de Geus, Janice Rodenburg, Paul Clegg, Lee Begg, Janka Thomas, Robert Oscroft, Gay Hay, Ashley lair, Margaret Blair, Fiona Sutton, Guy Marriage, Damian Harriss.
Apologies: Jenny Brash (GWRC). …

August 2018 Residents’ Association meeting minutes

Tuesday 14 August 2018

Present: Iain MacLean, Brian Sullivan, David Olsen, Kate Dreaver, Jonathan Harker, June Penhey, Paul FitzGerald, Jenny Brash (GWRC). Community: Mel Galletly, Gillian Candler, Rob Oscroft, Rachel Prebble.

Apologies: Pauline Morse, Beccy Davis, Guy Marriage, Ann Jebson (PCC), Dale Williams (PCC). …