Special Residents’ Association committee meeting

1 April 2023

Present: Paul FitzGerald (Chair), Iain MacLean (Deputy Chair), Nikky Winchester, Jonathan Harker.

Apologies: Moira Lawler, Margaret Blair.

Iain presented the situation to the committee around grant applications. The committee had previously discussed the issue of the expected shortfall in advertising revenue this year at its February 2023 meeting. The feedback from advertisers is that they are restricting their advertising spend, and the newsletter has lost at least one major advertiser/sponsor. Others might be possible.

Given that we have a policy of not charging for non-commercial and community events, advertising, grants and donations are our only options for continuing to provide access to the community to advertise in the newsletter.

We had intended to make an application to the Hutt Mana Charitable Trust, but the RA received a grant from them in October last year for the He Ara Pukerua heritage group’s website, which means we are not currently eligible for another grant. Iain suggested the RA applies to the Pelorus Trust, which the Pukerua Bay Soccer Club (which Iain is involved with) has successfully obtained grants from in the past.


“The committee agrees to make an application to the Pelorus Trust to cover some of the printing costs for the Kōrero community newsletter for the rest of 2023. The application will be for $2,000 to cover the expected shortfall in income for the remaining four editions in 2023.”

Moved Iain, seconded Paul. Carried unanimously.

Although Moira is not able to be at the meeting, she has emailed her support for the resolution. Iain has discussed the motion with Margaret and she has no objection.

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