SH59 Pukerua Bay Hillside Stabilisation

Waka Kotahi has provided an update on the measures being taken to lessen the threat of further slips. This work is going to several weeks. The opening of Transmission Gully provides an opportunity to undertake remedial work that would be a far more difficult undertaking were the route still State Highway 1.


A hillside safety project is underway to help prevent further slips on the State Highway 59 coast road leading up to Pukerua Bay. Wellington Transport Alliance crews are removing a large overhang of soil and trees above the slip face to prevent further slips. A deep fracture in the ground behind the overhang at the top of the hill means this area is very unstable and could break away at any time.

Hillside slip control

The road between Fisherman’s Table and the northern end of Pukerua Bay has become a worksite and must remain closed for everyone’s safety, not just because of the risk of a slip but because of the machines operating in the area. The safety project could take some weeks, depending on conditions. The hillside diagram, shown over the page, illustrates the overhang and the fractured ground and highlights the work that is planned to reshape the hill and prevent further slips.

Multiple works, including road and barrier repairs, tree pruning and other maintenance, are taking place to make the most of the closure.

The hillside is being inspected daily to assess when pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles can be allowed back in the area. Meanwhile, pedestrians and cyclists can use the Pukerua Bay off-road beach walking track to bypass the works but must exercise caution for high tides and weather conditions. The soft beach sand and the slope leading up to the layby at the bottom of the hill make for difficult going, particularly for cyclists. A fenced-off path has been created around the layby to keep path users safe from moving machinery. The path beside the seawall north of the layby can be used and we ask people to stay on the path and not to walk or cycle on the road as work trucks and machinery are using the area.

Please contact: with your queries.

SH59 Cyclists and pedestrians access to Paekakariki

Waka Kotahi has advised the following

Since the slip on Friday 19 August, the coast road between Fisherman’s Table and Pukerua Bay has been closed for the clean-up and to protect road users if there are further slips. It will be closed for a few more weeks for hillside safety works to reduce the risk further.

The road has become a worksite with barriers to keep people out for their safety.

  • Please do not enter the slip control works area on the hill.
  • People using the off-road beach walking track to bypass the works can use the path beside the seawall to head north once they leave the layby at the bottom of the hill.
  • Please do not walk or cycle on the road north of the layby as work trucks are using the area and road repairs are also being done. Stick to the path.
  • A path has been created from the beach walking track around the layby at the bottom of the hill with a barrier to keep you safe from moving machinery.
  • Access via the beach walking track depends on the weather and high tides. Please exercise caution.
  • We will continually monitor the situation to see when it will safe for pedestrians and road users to return to the road past the slip area.

Please contact: with your queries.

Train replacement buses disrupted by SH59 closure

The latest from Metlink:

Kapiti Line: Bus replacement services are now shuttling between Waikanae and Porirua and Pukerua Bay and Porirua until further notice due to slips

Last updated: 8:50am Saturday 20 August

Due to further slips on SH59, Kapiti Line bus replacement services will now shuttle from Waikanae to Porirua as buses and then shuttle from Porirua to Pukerua Bay via a shuttle bus. Limited capacity is available, please expect delays and arrange alternate transport where possible.

Service change due to weather or natural disaster

Saturday 20 Aug – State Highway 59 to remain CLOSED


FYI – State Highway 59 remains CLOSED due to slips

State Highway 59 between Paekākāriki and Pukerua Bay remains closed today, with large slips still to be cleared by roading crews.

The highway was closed yesterday and overnight after slips yesterday. This morning, further slips have come down along this section of road.

Contractors are working hard to restore the road. However, continuing rain means the chance of further slips remains.

This section of State Highway 59 will remain closed today, Saturday 20 August, and a further update on its status will be provided tomorrow morning, Sunday 21 August, or as soon as the road opens.

Pukerua Bay residents can access from the south. Paekākāriki resident access is to the north. All other road users should avoid the area and use State Highway 1, Transmission Gully, as an alternative route.

Bad weather continues to affect Wellington, with numerous slips, rockfalls, and fallen trees on roads across the region. Road users should check roads are open before they travel, drive to the conditions, watch their following distances, and be prepared for delays.

SH 59 Closed to Paekakariki


FYI – State Highway 59 to remain CLOSED overnight

State Highway 59 between Paekākāriki and Pukerua Bay will remain closed following a further slip on the route this afternoon.

The highway was closed by a slip this morning. However, a second slip came down this afternoon, further blocking the road.

At this stage, the slope is too unstable for the route to reopen, and it will stay closed overnight. An update on its status will be provided by midday tomorrow, Saturday 20 August.

Road users should avoid the area and use State Highway 1, Transmission Gully, as an alternative route.

Bad weather continues to affect Wellington. Slips, rockfalls, and fallen trees are dangers on roads across the region. Road users should drive to the conditions, watch their following distances, and keep an eye out for road hazards.

State Highway 59 closed to Paekākāriki

State Highway 59 is closed between Pukerua Bay and Paekākāriki due to a slip at Arlie Road. Crews are also on-site dealing with fallen trees at Motuhara Road in Plimmerton and around Grays Road. High tide is at 2pm, and there is more rain forecast, Porirua City Council advises drivers to please take extra care and report any issues via the Antenno app (Android, Apple), or phone 04 237 5089.

SH59 – Pukerua Bay barrier repair tonight, Tuesday 9 Aug

Waka Kotahi has advised there will be work tonight to repair the crash barrier at the corner of State Highway 59 and Pukerua Beach Road (map). The work is being done at night when there are fewer vehicles so it can complete the job quickly, efficiently and safely without causing major traffic delays.

map for corner of SH59 and Pukerua Beach Road
Work area, corner State Highway 59 and Pukerua Beach Road (map)

Road works SH59 Pukerua Bay to Paekakariki

Waka Kotahi have advised the following:

Good afternoon,
Due to the weather the daytime stop/go for road repairs on Coast Road, between Pukerua Bay and Paekākāriki has been moved to Thursday 28 July and Friday 29 July.
We are keeping an eye on the weather and will let you know if these dates change.
Ngā mihi,

Anita De Klerk, Customer Communications and Engagement Advisor
Wellington Transport Alliance

Haunui Road slip disrupts water supply

A slip at the end of Haunui Road has cut off water to the end houses and damaged a power pole at the end of the street.

Wellington Water has cut off the water to houses from the corner with Haunui Way – around number 27 Haunui Road – to the end of the road so they can cap the pipes to the end houses and turn the water back on for the rest of the houses. However, the slip also took out the last power pole and they are waiting for Wellington Electricity to cut off the power so it is safe to enter the slip zone. Wellington Water has organised a water tanker for residents on the street, and the tanker is there now, outside number 20.

We’ll update this when we get more information on progress on the repairs. If anyone in Haunui Road needs any welfare assistance, they can ring the Porirua City Council Welfare team on 237 5089.

Storm Water reporting Wellington Water

FromWellington Water
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