Lambing time on Wairaka (Carrad’s) farm

We’ve had a request from the farmers of the land to the west of Pukerua Bay.

“Lambing on Wairaka Farm will be early this year. (Wairaka Farm is on the left as you go north through Pukerua Bay.)

We asking people NOT to go onto the farm from Tuesday 08 August until Tuesday 31 October. It is very important that mothers and lambs aren’t disturbed. Please pass this message on to anyone who needs to know.

Thanks to everyone for their help!!”

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Gray Street/SH59 intersection remediation

The entrance to Gray Street from SH59 is on the PCC books for remediation over summer. As anyone driving over it will know the rate of deterioration seems to be increasing. Remediation works, digging out and are dependant on the ground under the new material being dry enough to be consolidated and ready to be asphalted. The road has been marked out for some time in preparation for the works.

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