2016 Residents’ Association AGM minutes

Tuesday 1 November 2016

Present: Iain McLean, Brian Sullivan, June Penhey, Jonathan Harker, Pauline Morse, Paul FitzGerald, Kate Dreaver, Nick Vincent.
Councillors: Anita Baker (PCC), Dale Williams (PCC), Bill Inge (PCC), Jenny Brash (GWRC).
Community: Nikky Winchester, Megan Winchester, Beccy Davis, Aimee Porteners, Hugh Young, Ian Bonallack, Kerry Gray, Angela Brown, Gillian Candler, Gay Hay, Angela Fisher, Murray Altheim, Nada Walsh, Rachel McClellan, Ana Maguire, Ashley Blair, Margaret Blair, Elwyn Goldsbury, Lee Begg, Kelly McClean, Karen Apperley, Mark Owen (NZTA).
Apologies: Mike Tana (Porirua Mayor), Ross Leggett (PCC), Jenny Dawson (GWRC), Barbara Donaldson (GWRC).

Approval of 2015 AGM minutes

Motion: Brian Sullivan moved to accept and adopt the minutes of the 2015 annual general meeting. Seconded Paul FitzGerald, none opposed, motion carried.

Report from the chair

Report presented by Iain MacLean.

PCC priorities: Muri Reserve, safe travel on Muri Road, Green & Gold Trails. Has been difficult to get the money spent. Access across from the platform; negotiation with KiwiRail; licence for gardening from the council, complication with Reserves Act.

Trails: this year, Brian, Paul and Pauline pushed it well this year, working with designer on signs, PCC funding.

Road safety: SH1 concern but also effort this year into Muri Road; increased pedestrians, survey of residents has lead to planning, improved lighting and path construction, traffic calming measures.

Walkway between Wairaka Road and the shops.

SH1 garden on Wairaka Road. Can’t weed it without NZTA traffic safety measures, as it is too dangerous. Barrier construction

Te Araroa Walkway: great success, lack of toilets in the right places, signage.

Motion: Paul moved that the report be adopted. Seconded Kate, none opposed, motion carried.

Financial Report

Error made on 2015 financial report – incorrect calculation for “depreciation on defibrillator” item.

Financial report for 2015/16 (PDF)

Motion: Iain MacLean moved to accept and adopt the amended 2015 financial report. Seconded June Penhey, none opposed, motion carried.

Motion: Iain MacLean moved to accept and adopt the 2016 financial report. Seconded Nick Vincent, none opposed, motion carried.

NZTA & Porirua City Council crash reduction proposals

Introduced by Iain MacLean:

From the Neighbourhood Accessibility Plan drawn up in consultation with NZTA a few years ago, and with the Transmission Gully highway being built, expensive alterations are unlikely. However there are a number of smaller changes that we will be able to make.

Presented by Mark Owen (NZTA):

The Crash Reduction Study examined a 1.4 km stretch of SH1, which has a high crash rate through Pukerua Bay. Joint study with NZTA, NZ Police, PCC. Small low cost solutions that can be implemented quickly. Transmission Gully will reduce traffic volumes through Pukerua Bay. What can we do between now and 2020? A number of things are suggested here, with money available this year, and work expected to be carried out mid-2017. Following this presentation, a survey handout will be available for residents to fill in. The full report of the crash reduction study will be published online.

NZTA is responsible for the road between kerbs, and local council for footpaths and verges, hence the collaboration.

Stats: there were 44 recorded crashes over five years 2011-2015, including 1 fatality, 8 serious injury of which 3 involved motorcycles, and 2 involved pedestrians. The traffic volume averages 23,900 vehicles per day, 7% are heavy goods vehicles.

Factors: speed, 55-65 km/h, fatigue/intoxication, poor visibility (intersection layouts), pedestrians crossing dangerously.


  • speed indicator warning signs

  • speed camera

  • improved road markings

  • larger and improved signs

  • Stop-controlled intersections

  • Intersection improvements

  • Pedestrian improvements, footpath, lighting, islands.

  • Improvements to pedestrian overbridge

  • Safety barriers

Many residents voiced the long-standing desire to install traffic lights at the shops, however lights require visibility, straight approach and sufficient road width for turning bays. After Transmission Gully is built, the road will drop to estimated 4,000-8,000 vehicles per day, and likely become a PCC controlled road, at which point pedestrian crossings and traffic lights will become real options.

Also noted was that surrounding future developments (such as Plimmerton Farm) will increase traffic in the next decade.

Kate noted that it is refreshing to see positive suggestions from NZTA which are about improving pedestrian and road user safety.

Users of wheelchairs and mobility scooters are concerned that grip resurfacing is required on the over-bridge to prevent slippage especially in winter.

Lively discussion ensued. A rough consensus emerged that road safety at the shops intersection is a high priority, especially for crossing pedestrians.

Feedback: move the pedestrian refuge north so that it is parallel to the public toilets, keep the right bay.

Café proposal for Pukerua Bay

Presented by Nikki Winchester:

A few people dream about having a café in Pukerua Bay. At a recent meeting, it turned into a bigger idea; a community hub and venue, as well as a café. A group has formed around the idea, and distilled a common vision:

A family-friendly cafe, the profits from which will fund a community hub offering arts and culture activities, skill sharing, exhibitions, workshops and events.”

We need a lot of skilled folks – builders, hospitality, arts & culture, legal, accounting, business, fundraising, etc.

The venue, St. Mark’s church building, is opposite the school on Rawhiti Road. Lease premises from the parish. They would rather we use it as a community resource than have to deconsecrate or sell it.

Survey flyers are to be distributed at the meeting, and there is also an online survey.

Questions and discussion followed. What proportion of customers will be traffic from SH1, and how do we get folks from the road to go to the café? Talk to council, highways, to get good signs on the roads.

Consider other locations? A coffee cart may give out the wrong impression. Café to operate in order to support the community hub operation. Example given of a sailing club that owns the venue, but another operator uses it as a function venue. Interested users can get in touch with the group on Facebook or via email at pkbcommunitycafe@gmail.com

Revising the Pukerua Bay Village Plan

Presented by Kate Dreaver:

Our 2011 Village Plan provides the RA with direction and guidance in its work. We would like to survey residents over the next year and update the plan for 2016-2020. A review of the plan was presented. Attendees asked to brainstorm some ideas that we could consider for the village plan, to be collected at the end of the meeting.

Presentation slides (PDF)

Heritage Trails

Presented by Ashley: Formerly “Green & Gold” trails. See green bit of paper, the end…!?

Pest-free Pukerua Bay

Presented by Nick Vincent:

A group of interested people are talking to the Department of Conservation. We would like to sell traps to residents for $20 so we can raise more money to buy more traps. Meeting on Saturday 12 November 10 am.

Proposal for changes to Pukerua Bay School

Presented by Nick Vincent:

Ministry of Education has a proposal to “decapitate” (send year 7-8 kids to intermediate) the primary schools in the area of northern Porirua based on projected population changes over the next few years. Decision by end of term 3 2017, to be implemented at the end of term 4. Plimmerton School would lose its technology block. Property values are also affected, as well as family and extra-curricular engagement with the schools.

Interested residents should attend the meeting on Thursday 10 November at the school.

General business

Heritage Trails: one of the proposed bollards is next to Peter Jackson’s house and there is concern from neighbours about privacy of the relatives that live there.

Neighbourhood Support Groups: these can be started by organising willing neighbours, and as simple as sharing a list of names and a contact phone/email. Contact the Residents’ Association, and we can notify the local NZ Police personnel to come and make a presentation to your group and furnish you with information packs, stickers and anti-theft UV marker pens.

Improvements to the school hall: there have been some obstacles to clear this year regarding the improvements.

Election of Executive Committee members

New members: Beccy Davis, welcome!


Meeting finished: 9.15 pm