Pukerua Bay Residents’ Association — 2013 Annual Report of the Chair

The Committee has had another busy year working with local authorities and other groups to support local residents and the community.

Village Planning

The Residents Association has three projects that Porirua City Council has allocated funding to this year: the Green and Gold Trails, the shared cycle way/footpath between the shops and Pa Road, and a community garden. The Council’s Village Planning Programme has had some changes this year as a result of its success – there are now 12 communities operating under the programme, and the budget has remained at $500,000 a year. PCC has changed how it liaises with communities and manages the programme; however, PCC is committed to keeping the programme running and properly resourced and managed.

As one of the earliest communities in the programme, Pukerua Bay is well-established and does not need as much financial support from the Council as some newer communities in the programme do. However, our experience with the programme means we are in a good position to achieve our aims. We remain strongly committed to it as a way of communities identifying and achieving their goals to build the sort of community they want.

The funding for one of our priority projects, the shared pathway next to State Highway 1, remains a challenge and we will continue to support PCC as it attempts to access other sources of funding, such as central government and Greater Wellington, to make the connection between Te Ara Harakeke and the cycle track to the north of Pukerua Bay.

Raroa Reserve clean-up

The was an extremely successful event in late August, with around 75 people turning up to clean decades of rubbish out of the Raroa Reserve. This was a wonderful example of co-operation between residents and PCC, which supplied equipment, staff and trucks to remove the 20 loads of rubbish taken from the reserve. We had worked with Pukerua Bay School to help them organise a students’ art competition to design posters to be displayed at reserves around Pukerua Bay. The clean-up was more successful than we imagined it might be, and everyone who took part was very encouraged by its success.

Credit should go to Ted Coats, Gay Hay and Kate Dreaver from Pukerua Bay and Bill Inge, David Redmayne and Geoff Chevis from PCC for planning this event.

This clean-up came out of our Vegetation and Landscape Plan to identify areas of public land and who will maintain them. We are currently identifying other areas where it can be repeated in the coming year.

Pou Tangaroa

In early December we had the unveiling of the Pou Tangaroa at the southern end of the foreshore. Around 130 people turned up for the dawn blessing and celebration of our care and shared guardianship of the Bay between the Pukerua Bay community, Ngati Toa Rangatira and Porirua City Council. This magnificent carving was done by local carver Herman Salzmann and is admired by many locals and visitors.

Green and Gold Trails

The Green and Gold Trails are going to be integrated with Te Araroa Walkway as a New Zealand trial. The trails have been mapped with all the potential sites marked, which will bring the trails together. Four marker posts have been put in at sites, but there are many to go.

We are developing a system for identifying the positions and posts with information that can be linked to more detailed interpretive information on a website. This is likely to be a trial for how Te Araroa Trust can integrate its trail into local trails around the country. We expect to make much more progress on this project this year.

Marine protection

We received some very good news in August on the issue of permanent protection of the fishery in Pukerua Bay. We had been working with Ngati Toa Rangatira on getting permanent protection when the current regulation was expected to expire in September 2014. When the regulation currently restricting fishing to hand-held lines only came into effect in 2009, we were told it would be for a period of five years. However, we have now been reassured by the Ministry of Fisheries that the current regulation has no expiry date and there is no need to make another application to extend the protection. This has been backed up by an examination of the wording of the regulation.

However, poaching still takes place in the Bay, and we are working with beach residents and the Ministry of Fisheries to make sure the restrictions are well communicated to people wanting to fish in Pukerua Bay, and that it is easy for people to report suspected poaching to the Ministry of Fisheries.

New equipment for residents’ use

We have acquired two new pieces of equipment this year that residents can use. We have purchased a new Kipor portable electrical generator as a back-up in the case of a civil emergency, and for use at community events. The Pukerua Bay civil defence group is maintaining the generator so it is available for use.

The Plimmerton Rotary Club donated a new AED defibrillator to the Residents Association. The defibrillator has been installed on the new toilet block by the shops on the main road. This was a very generous donation, and we are very grateful to the Club for its gift. This is available for anyone to use in case of an emergency. We are organising training for members of the community, including people who work nearby and members of the civil defence group, who would like to learn how to use it in case someone suffers a heart attack. We will be advertising this training when it is organised.

Wellington Local government review

There has been less activity on this issue this year, although the Wellington Region Local Government Review Panel released its report in October 2012 recommending a preferred model for local government in the region. Porirua City Council and Greater Wellington Regional Council submitted a proposal to the Local Government Commission, which the Residents Association wrote in general support of, while stressing the need to ensure community democracy was protected and communities continued to have good access to councillors and council officers. It is likely that the Local Government Commission will put out a draft proposal early next year, and we would encourage all residents to examine it and give their views on it.

Submissions to councils and other authorities

The Committee has made a number of submissions on various proposals or represented the community at forums. These included:

  • Porirua City Council Annual Plan — this included support for the proposal by the Porirua Economic Development Group for an efficiency audit, a proposal that was accepted by PCC.
  • PCC’s significant urban vegetation sites district plan change proposal — we told PCC that its proposal took an unnecessarily heavy-handed approach to protecting significant areas of native vegetation and its approach was likely to fail. We recommended a partnership approach, and we were pleased to see that PCC is reconsidering its approach. We will keep a close eye on this issue, as it could affect many landowners in Pukerua Bay.
  • Village Planning forum and bus trip run by PCC for residents’ associations.

Boxing Day beach bash

The committee supported the organisers of last Boxing Day’s ‘Beach Bash’ on the foreshore. This was a very successful community event, and the organisers plan to repeat it this year, which we are again supporting.

Civil defence

Our active team of civil defence volunteers continue to organise, train and prepare under the leadership of our Civil Defence Co-ordinator Robyn Moore. Regular training and real-life exercises associated with the recent earthquakes in Wellington have allowed the Community Response Team to practise the Pukerua Bay Emergency Management Plan. They are continuing to build on the awareness in the community to increase preparedness for natural disasters.


We remain concerned about the future of the Pre-school and want to ensure this valued community service remains available to residents. We have kept in close contact with the local parents committee and Wellington Free Kindergarten Association, and will support them in their attempts to maintain this service in Pukerua Bay.


The amount of graffiti in the community, particularly that associated with the skate park, is something many people in the community find unacceptable. We have been in discussions with PCC’s Graffiti Management Co-ordinator about the problem and he is planning to work with the school next year on an art project for the skate park. This work is connected with our ongoing environmental work as exemplified by the Raroa Reserve clean-up.


I want to thank the members of the Executive Committee — Ted Coats, June Penhey, Gill England, Kate Dreaver, Geert van de Vorstenbosch, Dagmar Pesendorfer, Pauline Morse, Robyn Moore and Jonathan Jull — for their work this year. The Committee’s success depends on their contribution and the support we get from other people who help us in our work on behalf of the community. These include Tony Jackman, Margaret Blair, Gay Hay, Pat Hanley, and the members of the Civil Defence team.

On behalf of the Association and the Committee I also want to thank the City and Regional Councillors and staff we work with, and who attend our meetings and support the community. The productive working relationships we have with them are very helpful and, in particular, we value the support we get from PCC through the Village Planning Programme.

Iain MacLean, Chairperson
29 October 2013

Pukerua Bay Residents’ Association – 2012 Annual Report of the Chair

This year the committee worked cooperatively with other groups in the community and local authorities to further the interests of the residents and the community.

Village Planning

We completed updating our Village Plan and presented it to Porirua City Council. This will guide our planned work over the next two to three years, in particular projects such as the Green and Gold Trails and the community gardens.

One of the items in the plan, a new playground at Greenmeadows Reserve, has been installed and is proving popular with older children.

Muri Station

This was completely decommissioned this year and security fences were installed. After discussions with KiwiRail, the Residents’ Association took over responsibility for the smaller shelter from the northbound platform. This was moved temporarily to Pamela Meekings-Stewart’s property at the old woolshed in Muri Road. The intention is to use this for a community facility, possibly associated with a community garden or Te Araroa Walkway.

A safe footpath was built running from the southern end of the southbound platform to Muri Reserve as part of the decommissioning. This fixed a problem the community had with KiwiRail blocking off access from Muri Reserve to the tracks. This is a popular walking route and people are pleased that it is now open and safe to walk along.

Transport and Road Safety

The focus in this area in the past year was the Transmission Gully Board of Inquiry, to which we submitted. Our submission requested that the safety measures outlined in the Neighbourhood Accessibility Plan be implemented on the existing State Highway before the road is handed over to Porirua City Council when the Transmission Gully Road is completed. Although many people were pleased that the Transmission Gully road will be built, we need to maintain pressure to ensure we get the safety measures we need along State Highway 1 as soon as possible.

The shared pathway through Pukerua Bay alongside the State Highway is making progress, and we will continue to work with PCC to ensure that this is completed. It is essential for safe access for pedestrians and cyclists through Pukerua Bay.

Green and Gold Trails

We are making intermittent progress on this project. A group of committee members is working with Margaret Blair and Tony Jackman, who developed the concept for the trails and have done the research into the sites and their significance. We were fortunate to get much of the timber from the old Airlie Road bridge to use for structures such as bollards along the trail. This was as a result of Margaret and Tony approaching PCC a couple of years ago to ask for the timber for use on the trails.

Work will start next year on installing bollards along the trails and on interpretive materials to support the trails. We have developed a project plan to guide this work and a Memorandum of Understanding that we will sign with PCC to make our obligations clear.

Foreshore Development

This project is almost complete. However, a significant structure about to be unveiled is a large pou whenua that is being installed at the southern end of the foreshore. It is being carved by a local carver, Hermann Salzmann. When this is in place, it will be a significant monument in Pukerua Bay.

Civil Defence

We have an active team of civil defence volunteers in Pukerua Bay, organised by our Civil Defence coordinator, Robyn Moore. They are a keen part of the wider Porirua emergency response group, and an essential group in helping our community prepare for any emergency. In the past year they have completed the Pukerua Bay Emergency Management Plan, which will increase preparedness and resilience in the community.

It was great to see many families and the Pukerua Bay School taking part in the “shake out” exercise in September. Practising what to do in an emergency is an essential part of being prepared for any disaster.

We would also like to note the passing this year of Brian Staniland and Ruth Franks, two civil defence stalwarts in our community, and acknowledge the contribution they made to preparedness in Pukerua Bay over many years.

Preschool Expansion

The committee has kept in close contact with the Pukerua Bay pre-school and Wellington Free Kindergartens over their plans to expand the pre-school building. These plans have been put on hold due to lack of money, and the centre now faces likely closure if funding cannot be found to extend the existing building or to build a new centre on another site in Pukerua Bay. The Committee has resolved to support the pre-school’s efforts, in line with the strong support the community expressed for pre-school facilities in the Village Plan survey.

It would be a great loss to the community if this well-run and long-standing facility closed.

Wellington Local Government Review

This was an important issue for us this year, and will continue to be significant for communities throughout Wellington. Planned legislative changes have the potential to change the role of local government and its relationship with communities. We have represented the community’s interest by emphasising the importance of community involvement in local government and the need for us to be actively involved and have a say in creating the community we want.

We will continue to stay active on this issue to represent the interests of the community.

Marine Protection

Our work in this area has taken two forms: Preventing poaching and working towards permanent protection of the Bay. We have supported the Ministry of Fisheries by encouraging residents to “dob in a poacher”. We have also kept in contact with representatives of Ngati Toa Rangatira as they have negotiated their settlement with the Crown. Ngati Toa supports the continuation of protection in the Bay. Now that the settlement has been agreed, we will continue to work with Ngati Toa on appropriate mechanisms to ensure we get permanent protection of the fishery in Pukerua Bay.

Community Gardens

A keen group of people in the community has been researching community gardens in preparation for developing one in Pukerua Bay. A likely site would be in Muri Reserve, next to the old station platform. In the longer term, it is hoped that this area could be developed further into a large garden and recreation area that the community would use. There is a growing interest in community gardens in Porirua, and many resources available that communities can use to develop their own gardens.

Vegetation & Landscape Plan

We have developed a comprehensive vegetation and landscape plan in response to concerns residents have with some aspects of current environmental care practices. The Village Plan outlines actions that are required to achieve improvements in this area and the vegetation and landscape plan aims to improve coordination between groups that are responsible for managing the natural landscape in Pukerua Bay and provide opportunities for community participation.

Our intention is that this will improve communication between various stakeholders and encourage residents to deepen their involvement in caring for their environment. Our next steps are to seek engagement from the wider community and to get authorities that manage vegetation on their land, such as PCC, NZTA and KiwiRail, to become active participants in the plan.

Submissions To Councils And Other Authorities

The committee has made a number of submissions to PCC and GWRC on various proposals or represented the community at forums. These include:

  • PCC Long Term Plan
  • Local government representation review
  • Transmission Gully Board of Inquiry
  • A submission in support of the continuation of the liquor licence at the local store, which has significant community support

Community Facilities

We gained several new community facilities, for which we are grateful. We wish to thank PCC for their role in providing them or obtain them for us. In particular, the new toilet block at the shops is a welcome new facility, and we are pleased that PCC engaged with us and the local shop owners on the design.

The new bus stop at the top of Pukerua Beach Road is a more attractive structure than the old one.


I want to thank the members of the Executive Committee – Gill England, June Penhey, Robyn Moore, Kate Dreaver, Dagmar Pesendorfer, Pauline Morse, Ted Coats and Jonathan Jull – for their work this year. The committee is a team effort and everyone has a role to play in our successes.

On behalf of the committee and the Residents’ Association, I would like to thank the Regional and City Councillors and Council staff who support our community and attend our meetings. We have a productive working relationship with them, and we especially value the support we get through PCC’s Village Planning programme.

Iain MacLean, Chairperson
1 November 2012

2008 Residents’ Association AGM minutes

Annual General Meeting

Thursday, 20 November 2008, 7.30 pm
Pukerua Bay School Hall

Approximately 40 people attended the Residents’ Association AGM. It was particularly pleasing to see a significant number of new residents in attendance.

The AGM was also attended by Councillors Leggett, Murrell and Sheppard as well as Ian Barlow of the PCC staff. The Residents’ Association expressed its appreciation for the interest shown by the councillors who regularly attend our meeting throughout the year. The excellent work undertaken in support of our community by Ian Barlow was also noted. Continue reading “2008 Residents’ Association AGM minutes”

October 2008 Residents’ Association meeting minutes

Tuesday, 14 October 2008, 7.30 pm

Present: Graham McLaughlin, Jack Fry, Pat Hanley, Tim Sheppard, Dagmar Pesendorfer, Gill England, Euon Murrell, Nick Leggett, Robyn Moore, Dene Wade, Stu Farrant, Kate Dreaver
Residents: Karen Apperley, Anne Johnston
Porirua City Council: Clive Amsty, Linda Kerkmeester, Peter Mattich
Apologies: Graham McLaughlin Continue reading “October 2008 Residents’ Association meeting minutes”

Report from the Chair, September 2008

Report from the Chair of the Pukerua Bay Residents’ Association, Jack Fry.

Skateboard bowl tenders and funding applications

A sub-committee reviewed the 6 tenders received and made recommendations in respect of two preferred tenders. The final decision on the selection of the company to carry out the work is now over to the Council.

Meeting with Fisheries

A meeting was held on 25 August at the Tennis Club to discuss long-term protection measures at Pukerua Bay Beach. The meeting was attended by Randall Bess, Spatial Allocations manager, Ministry of Fisheries, Graeme Hastilow of Ngati Toa, and Residents’ Association members Tim, Pat, Stu, Robyn, June, Graham and Gill.

It was an excellent meeting with a great deal of very useful information provided.

There were no decisions taken as this was an opportunity to gain more information before further action is taken.

However, it appears that there is an immediate need to apply for another Rahui to cover the period 2009 – 2011. Further, Ngati Toa will progress work on establishing a Mataitai. However, as an added protection measure, consideration needs to be given to seeking to have a specific regulation put in place before 2011 so that if the Mataitai is not operative at that date the area will continue to be protected by way of regulation under Section 297 of the Fisheries.

It would appear that the next step would be to establish a strategic plan with Ngati Toa, setting out the work that needs to be done both immediately (the Rahui extension), interim (Regulation) and long-term (Mataitai).

Residents’ Association application for funding from PCC

I made an application to PCC on behalf of the Residents’ Association for funding for the regular work of the Residents’ Association. This application was rejected on the grounds “under the terms of the policies now in force you are not eligible for the grants requested as the only evidence of any meetings held by Council since your last request are minutes of a meeting held on Tuesday, 14 August 2007” (letter from LJ Skinner, 11 August, 2008). I will be writing to LJ Skinner, informing this person that all monthly minutes are sent to Ian Barlow and to the Northern Ward Councillors. Further we have never to my mind been informed directly of “the policies now in force”. I will also re-apply for funding.

NAP – Telephone discussion with Roy Hitchcock of Transit

I spoke to Roy Hitchcock at Transit last week. I asked when the NAP would go to the Board of Transit. I wanted to request the opportunity for the Residents’ Association to attend and speak on the matter. Roy advised me that the matter was now with Porirua City Council and as Transit will not fully fund the work, it is up to PCC to advise as to which of the projects it will contribute to. No further action will be taken until PCC provides the required information. I told him this was not the process as I understood it and then outlined our expectations and his response was “Who told you that?”.

I have concluded that we have a long way to go before any action is forthcoming and I think it is time we considered taking the matter up with our MP and others at the political level.