Haunui Road slip disrupts water supply

A slip at the end of Haunui Road has cut off water to the end houses and damaged a power pole at the end of the street.

Wellington Water has cut off the water to houses from the corner with Haunui Way – around number 27 Haunui Road – to the end of the road so they can cap the pipes to the end houses and turn the water back on for the rest of the houses. However, the slip also took out the last power pole and they are waiting for Wellington Electricity to cut off the power so it is safe to enter the slip zone. Wellington Water has organised a water tanker for residents on the street, and the tanker is there now, outside number 20.

We’ll update this when we get more information on progress on the repairs. If anyone in Haunui Road needs any welfare assistance, they can ring the Porirua City Council Welfare team on 237 5089.