May 2022 Residents’ Association meeting minutes

Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Present: Paul FitzGerald, Iain McLean, Kate Dreaver, Mel Galletly, Margaret Blair, Jonathan Harker, Pauline Morum.

Apologies: Nikky Winchester, Moira Lawler, Kelly Olatunji, Lenka Horanska, Euon Murrell (PCC)

Approval of previous minutes: moved Iain, seconded Mel, none opposed.

Matters arising

EV charger: ChargeNet have referred Mel to Benjamin Priest at Meridian Energy who handles charger roll-outs in the Wellington region.


AON insurance are going to send us an invoice for the public liability insurance.

28 April: an excellent District Plan submission from Emily Robinson, copied to us for our records.

10 May: request from Lucy Marinkovich for advertising in the Kōrero newsletter.


BNZ $7757.77


$670.00 Kōrero newsletter

$ 28.83 He Ara Tee

$ 0.07 Interest


$ 85.57 CGFF plants

$630.20 Kōrero newsletter

$189.99 Surfers Seat

Invoices – Outstanding:

$210.00 Kōrero invoices, ×3

Motion: to accept the financial report; moved Jonathan, seconded Kate, none opposed.

Porirua City Council update

Euon sends apologises to the committee for not attending the recent workshop as promised but he is happy to meet to discuss any concerns or issues that might arise at this evening’s meeting. PCC held a workshop for part of the Village Plan review at a recent council meeting with the officers feeding back to us the diverse feedback from the community. A paper is being prepared on the possible go forward position which should come back to council in June.


Community Garden

There have been a couple of notable developments in the community garden. Firstly, a green waste collection from the community and consequent mulching was a great success. A number of residents turned up with trailer loads of branches and chopped trees which made enough mulch to feed the trees for the next year. The group is considering a purchase of a mulcher next year to secure ongoing supply of mulch. The second major news is that the deck construction is nearly finished providing a nice platform to sit on. Other than that the group has done lots of maintenance work such as clearing of weeds and planting more flowers to bring colour and beneficial insects to the garden. The raised bed is planted with lots of brassica and other winter vegetables which should provide a nice harvest in few weeks’ time. In terms of planned activities, the group is looking at planting of some additional trees that require at least a couple of same variety for cross pollination relocating a deck that is no longer used at Palmers and move it next to the tool shed. This will provide a handy drop of space. Also posts can be added to provide support the passion fruit vines that have been doing really well and now need more space “to spread their wings”.

He Ara Pukerua

Recent posts on the He Ara Facebook page:

  • Lyndsay Gray DFC
  • RSA Hall Opening
  • RSA Women

Many engagements on our page and more on the Kapiti and Porirua history pages. Feedback from these stories brings in interesting comments from present and former residents either here or anywhere else in the world.

Panels: Pou panel waiting for Māori version. Progress report emailed to Jenny Wrightson. Copy for three panels ready for designer.

Research: Continuing. Great to have access to National Library and Archives again, although the new Archives website is a challenge.

Management: Working through process of setting up Friends of He Ara Pukerua.

Pukerua Bay Hub

Matariki Celebration 2022

  • Last week we had confirmation of funding from Creative Communities Scheme. Event to be held on 2 July rain or shine, based from the school.
  • We have workshops and art activities planned for the lead up in June. A refreshed Community Art Stars will be back.
  • Very likely that the walk and lighting/art installations will be at a different local walkway due to damage to the Secret Valley path.
  • Happy to host community stall gazebos (these would be supplied). First in first served. Pukerua Bay School fundraising committee, surfers seat fundraiser, Green Geckos basketball team and He Ara have requested space so far.
  • Aimee to get Matariki copy & poster to Kōrero team by 15 May.
  • If anyone is keen to volunteer for a couple hours on the night please get in contact with Kelly (on 021 512698 or via Facebook). This could be helping with set up, monitoring the walk, helping with supper or pack down depending on preference.

Kōrero newsletter

April’s issue was timely, focusing on urban planning, a theme that we connected to the value of whanaungatanga. We used it to promote the workshop on the Structure Plan, which was held on April 27.

June’s issue will focus on climate change and the theme of kaitiakitanga. It will align with and help promote this year’s Matariki event. It will promote a workshop on climate change that Conor Twyford has kindly agreed to facilitate later this year. We’ve also had community contributions that don’t strictly hit the theme but are valued. We’re thinking that the following issue might continue with thinking about urban planning and sustainability, with a focus on local businesses. What are the opportunities and issues that come with Te Araroa and the opening of Te Ara Nui o Te Rangihaeata. Any thoughts? And finally, we have two more advertisers for the next issue, which is encouraging.

Village Plan Review

Our own framework: We haven’t yet put the Framework online, because I’m in two minds about whether and how to write a summary. However, it’s proved very useful for a number of our items in Kōrero and for presenting at the Structure Plan workshop. It may be that we leave it as a working document and add to it the other information we get from our community (e.g., from other consultation processes, such as the Structure Plan and climate change workshops). The climate change workshop is planned for October 5 feedback. There are a surprising number of local people with expertise in climate change, so it will be great to learn from them. Moira and Kate will work with Conor on organising it. We’re hopeful that we will be able to use information and ideas from the workshop to help inform our response to the draft District Plan; however, that depends on timing.

Porirua Village Planning Programme Review: Euon notes that PCC held a workshop at a recent meeting with officers feeding back what was learned from the first phase of consultation. He says that the officers are preparing a paper on a possible ‘go forward’ position, which he believes will come back to council in June.

General Business

Pukerua Bay Structure Plan: good turn-out and engagement, around 60 people, lots of questions. The green belt came out loud and clear; public transport links, significant natural areas, tree corridors for wildlife, which can follow streams and creeks. Items and reviews will all come out on an interactive digital map in the next few days.

Housing: people often assuming the new housing will be like we have now, but some of the new housing will include higher density housing, providing options for first-time buyers, downsizing families, retirees, and so on. Stuart encouraged us to look closely at the rules in the upcoming district plan variation.

Meeting with Barbara Edmonds: Informal discussions on 7.30pm 25th May at St Marks. A panel of folks to facilitate the conversation, an introduction bit about Barbara and her background and projects etc. Involve local groups such as the school, kindergarten, the hub, tennis club, local ecological groups.

Pukerua Bay Store: down 40% since gully opened.

Meeting closed: 8:25 pm Next meeting: 14 June 2022

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