March 2017 Residents’ Association meeting minutes

Present: Iain McLean, June Penhey, Kate Dreaver, Brian Sullivan, Jonathan Harker, Paul FitzGerald, Pauline Morse, Bill Inge (PCC).
Community: Peter Roach, Kirk Beyer.
Apologies: Dale Williams, Rebecca Davis, Nick Vincent.

Approval of previous minutes

No amendments.

Motion: adopt the minutes from the previous meeting. Moved Brian, seconded Paul. Carried.

Matters arising from previous minutes

Muri Road vegetation: walk was done on Muri Road, results to Bill. To discuss below.

Village plan discussions: to discuss below.

Train meeting: Brian and Paul reported about the lack of shelter waiting for bus replacements, and the inconsistency of policy enforcement around bicycles on trains. Paul proposed that southbound buses should come up Takutai Road to the station.

Overbridge: There is also no signage at the train station to direct pedestrians to the over-bridge.

Financial Report

Balance: $2,888.18

To pay: Iain still to present cheque (from last month), Brian $10 for a notebook from trails budget.

Motion: Reimburse Brian. Moved Iain, Seconded Kate. Carried.


Received a letter to residents from NZTA around SH1 road safety improvements.

Received the Predator-free Pukerua Bay March update. February’s Top Ratter is Helen Gummer (7) with honourable mentions to Matt Wilson (4), Michele Andrews (3) and Julie Kilpatrick (3). The Top Mouser award goes to Peter Roach (20), with honourable mentions to Jane Abdee (11), Kerry Grey (8) and Dirk Lewe (6).

Received correspondence from PCC around the annual plan consultation in April.

Received the Neighbourhood Support Group newsletters from Simon Bygate at NZ Police for December through February (in Comic Sans!)

PCC update

Heritage Trail

Greater Wellington Regional Council recently assisted with installation of the timber sign frame (sign no. 1) on the rail platform. The stainless steel sign frame (which will sit inside the timber one) is being manufactured by Kenepuru Engineers. The four decorative metal skinks have been cut and are being fixed. It is great that the PBRA is able to contribute up to $1,500 to this project.

Muri Road safety work

Downer’s draft road safety plan (version 2) incorporates feedback from PCC roading, PBRA committee members and a few changes identified during our initial walk-over. PCC proposing that community consultation on the draft plan include a mail-drop with proposal details and an invitation for feedback, as well as two community walk-overs, to provide an opportunity to explain the proposal, answer questions and record feedback for the final design. Timing and content of the mail packs to be confirmed in the next week or so.

Community Garden (access)

Payment of the licence fee (for year one) has now been made to KiwiRail. PCC awaiting advice and costings for water supply connection. Due to insurance issues a different contractor, Homan Horticulture, will start constructing the access from next week (20 March). PBRA to supply signed copies of the KiwiRail agreement for access to the community garden.

Community Garden (food forest)

Olivia Dovey, the Council’s Parks Manager has clarified that the PBRA will need to revise the garden plan yearly for Parks sign-off, and signed copies of the licence to be supplied by PBRA to PCC for the use of the land. PCC hoping to receive some alternate (and hopefully cheaper) annual premiums for the required public liability insurance within the next week or so.

Te Araroa way-finding signage

PCC have requested a meeting with the Te Araroa Trail Trust and will be in touch when arranged. This (along with input from other walkers as appropriate) will help us identify signage needs and locations.

Ara Harakeke footpath extension (shops to Wairaka Road)

NZTA’s crash reduction study outcomes and safety improvement proposals were presented to the committee late last year. There is now further uncertainty surrounding this project as a result of the large slip affecting the SH1 footpath. NZTA/PCC are proposing to construct a retaining wall alongside the footpath, which would also require widening and resurfacing of the path (and might also affect the existing barrier). Timing is uncertain, PCC Roading to confirm.

PCC are conscious that timely decisions will need made to be made around reallocation of the $40,000 Village Planning funds in the event this project cannot proceed in the 2016/17 financial year.

Village Planning Project Bids for 2017/18

PCC soon to be inviting villages to submit priority project lists for the 2017/18 financial year for consideration and approval by PCC’s new City Delivery Committee. While we’ll be in touch with more details around late March, it’s timely to begin thinking about projects for the coming year.


Ara Harakeke footpath extension – Bill reports that the SH1 slip repair, which would need to happen first, is very unlikely to happen this financial year due to prioritisation of urgent flooding and storm damage repair work around the region. Bill suggests we spend the allotted money on the Muri Road safety improvements work to get it completed to a higher bar.

We are disappointed in this outcome, but recognise the realities of prioritising limited resources to do urgent repair work. Iain suggests we arrange temporary fencing to make the existing footpath as safe and as wide as possible, until it is repaired. Bill to follow up with PCC roading.

Motion: to reallocate the Ara Harakeke footpath extension money to fund more complete Muri Road safety improvements instead. Moved Pauline, seconded Iain. Carried.

KiwiRail still want PCC to pay for maintenance of the pedestrian railway crossing at Muri Station.

Review of the village plan

Brian talked to his neighbour George Allen, who deals with surveys and research in an academic capacity, who would like to help with the survey work. Bill also suggests to apply in village planning for money to cover typesetting, proofing and printing costs.

Green and Gold heritage trails

Presented by Brian and Paul. Bollard placards wording is finished, and a presentation at the School Gala this weekend. The signposts are in, waiting for the steel frame to arrive, temporary board with wording asking for input to the heritage historical information. Overall the idea is to get engagement and ownership from the locals. Brian has talked to the Te Araroa Trail committee who are willing to host a heritage sign and have an archæological report they’re happy for us to use.

Muri Road safety measures

Presented by Pauline and Iain. Vegetation feedback supplied to Bill to be incorporated into the proposed improvement plan; work is planned to begin before the end of the financial year in June.

NZTA investigations and site visit

NZTA to begin a trial pedestrian refuge this month on SH1 by the shops carpark.

We discussed an idea from a resident via Facebook that we paint yellow cross-hatched markings on Tehana Road to prevent waiting cars blocking the carpark entrance. Bill suggests we apply for this in the village planning budget for next year.

Income generation ideas

We have relied on grants and PCC village planning budgets up until now, and will soon be liable for increased annual costs to cover public liability insurance for the community garden. Kate suggested a fund-raising barn-dance gig in the hall once a year, and a public barbecue afternoon. Bunnings and Warehouse sausage sizzles can be can bring in about $250 a day, but Kirk suggests they are hard work and take all day, whilst dance events are a good way to raise a few hundred dollars charging a gold-coin donation in only a couple of hours. Kirk is happy to help with running fund-raising events.

Bill suggests running a coffee cart on the Te Araroa Trail, with profits towards the RA.

PCC Annual Plan consultation

Happening in April, and staff will be going around residents’ associations to make presentations. Councillors will be at our April meeting to present.

Other Business

Request to update the Pukerua Bay Residents’ Association logo with the skink design being used by the heritage group and Pukerua Bay School.

Motion: to change the RA logo to maintain consistency the heritage groups and the school, Pauline to supply the residents’ association with a new skink-based logo. Moved Pauline, seconded Jonathan. Carried.

The RA would like to thank Anne Johnston for her work and donation in 2008 of the current logo and letterhead design and permission for us to use it freely.

New train station: June asked if we are having an official opening. An opening is in the pipeline, and Richard Noakes from GWRC will be in contact with PCC and the RA about this soon.

Meeting finished: 9.16 pm.
Next meeting: Tuesday 11 April 2017.

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