October 2008 Residents’ Association meeting minutes

Tuesday, 14 October 2008, 7.30 pm

Present: Graham McLaughlin, Jack Fry, Pat Hanley, Tim Sheppard, Dagmar Pesendorfer, Gill England, Euon Murrell, Nick Leggett, Robyn Moore, Dene Wade, Stu Farrant, Kate Dreaver
Residents: Karen Apperley, Anne Johnston
Porirua City Council: Clive Amsty, Linda Kerkmeester, Peter Mattich
Apologies: Graham McLaughlin

Minutes: approved as distributed

Matters Arising:

  • NAP: Chair to write to PCC and MPs regarding lack of progress.
  • Plan of skate park requested for the web site.
  • Telecom towers and also NZ Communications Ltd. on same site – Robyn to write to PCC for clarification and concerns.

Financial Report: $44.00 on hand

Correspondence: none

Marine Protection

Following letter from Ministry of Fisheries it was agreed to support extension of Rahui and seek a regulation to provide long-term protection. (Robyn, Stu)

Village Planning

  • Skateboard bowl: $20,000 in grants received by the Skate Park Society. Check for tree roots in the area – Ian Barlow to follow up. Lighting not included in current contract.
  • Planning for south area of Ocean Parade: Funds on hand for project next year.

Civil Defence

  • Jack is planning a First Aid Course which will be provided by Red Cross at a cost of $25/per person, which is half-price. It will consist of 2-4hr sessions. Need 20 people to make it viable.
  • Jack also outlined a new service called Readynet, for use in an event of emergency. Vulnerable people requiring assistance can be registered on the site.

Other Business

  • Rural Review: Peter Mattich, PCC, provided an update on the review. Our appreciation of the early input sought on this review was conveyed to Council.
  • Pukerua Bay Bypass – Karen reported that a meeting to discuss the possibility of a bypass was attended by 22 people. Practical options for a bypass are being explored. It is believed that it would be possible to have a bypass that would avoid houses at the north end of Pukerua Bay. Also would need to identify an area to be designated for a bypass.
    The Residents’ Association Committee indicated that they do not have a position on a bypass at this time. The focus is on getting Transit to carry out the work required to improve safety along State Highway 1.

Meeting closed

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