March 2008 Residents’ Association meeting minutes

Tuesday, 11 March 2008, 7.30 pm

Present: Graham McLaughlin, Kate Dreaver, Jack Fry, Pat Hanley, Gill England, Robyn Moore.
Apologies: Ian Barlow.

Minutes: amend Civil Defence to read “discussions with the Scout group will be held in the near future.” – Minutes adopted, moved: Jack, second: Graham.

Matters Arising: Fence along State Highway 1 near Vi Ebert Garden still needs repair.

Financial Report: $5,041.06 on hand, with bills relating to Waimapihi Stream project still outstanding. We owe the hall about $45.

Correspondence: Noted a bylaw related to skateboarding in public areas is intended. Also, PCC meeting of March, 5th indicated no provision for capture of roof water and no solar heating provided for in new recreation centre. We will write to Council suggesting in future all council buildings demonstrate leadership in relation to environmental and sustainability features.

Transit New Zealand: Neighbourhood Accessibility Plan

Work on survey progressing.

The following comment from the report of the Residents’ Association President of 1984/85 was noted:

“State Highway Realignment: …meanwhile our community is left to face the serious problems of safety and mobility, created by the State Highway cutting Pukerua Bay in half. Delays for whatever reason, have a social cost to our people which is unacceptable. We must continue to press hard for the ultimate solution but meantime the present road safety problems must be kept to the fore and improvement gained.”

Marine Protection

Update letter to the Minister will be sent when letters of support received.

Village Planning

  • Foreshore reserve draft plan.
    Foreshore reserve draft plan.

    Skateboard bowl: Final design and drawings nearing completion.

  • Planning for south area of Ocean Parade: Gill to contact Linda Kerkmeester as to where we are at with design.

Other Business

  • Civil Defence: Dental Clinic now in use for storage. Jack will be talking with Scouts in April.
  • Footpaths: Follow up on footpath repairs along State Highway 1. Repairs to footpaths needed from area of dairy to path to school. Clean up of bush area between the highway and the school grounds; needs a good clean up.
  • Muri Road footpath: What is happening? Contact Ian Barlow for information.
  • St. Mary’s Estate: Suggested that there were to be steps from St. Mary’s Estate to Muri Road. Need to check this out.
  • Enviro Schools: Noted that our school has received a Green Gold Award, the first school in the region to receive such an award.

Village Plan 2008/2009

  • Suggested new Village Directory be produced.
  • Suggestion that design work be undertaken with respect to the area between the shops and the highway.

Sewage Focus Group: Positive feedback received from those who attended. Recycling of sludge from toilets preferred option as opposed to dumping into landfill.

Meeting closed 9.00 pm.