July 2023 Residents Association meeting minutes

11 July 2023

Present: Paul FitzGerald, Mel Galletly, Moira Lawler, Tracy Johnson, Margaret Blair

Apologies: Iain MacLean, Gay Hay.

Council Updates

PCC – Tracy is now going to Whitby and Josh is coming up to the PKB Residents Association. Will also attend He Ara on Thursday. Northern Growth Project – Simon Barber has been removing trees. The council had a workshop with Kainga Ora (KO) on the Specified Development Project. Northern Growth Area has seven developers – one of the objectives of SPA is to get planning and infrastructure across the developments. Still at the information-gathering stage. KO will be running a consultation in October/November. Hoping to present it to the Minister by the year’s end, and the decision might get a quick turnaround. If Ministerial approval is given, then the next level of detail will be worked on. Development might also include smaller development at the end of Rawhiti Rd – on John Carrad’s land. Trying to ensure there is a well-functioning coordinated community.

No spades in the ground until 2025/26. So far, developers seem willing to wait.

PCC Councillors toured some Kainga Ora housing developments in Auckland. Very diverse depending on the community and the things KO has learned as they do.

No news on the Plunket rooms – Tracy will check.

GWRC – no report.

Approval of previous minutes: Moved Paul sec Mel – approved

Matters arising from previous minutes.

No response from DOC on a new sign for the scientific reserve. Paul to follow up.

Financial report as at 9 July 2023.

BNZ                    $7100.46
Income:                $ 467.00 He Ara
Expenditure:           $   0.40 Bank Fee
                       $ 135.46 CGFF
                       $ 687.55 Kōrero
Invoices - Issued      $ Nil

Account balances as at 9 July 2023
Res Assn 000         $ 140.58
He Ara 001           $1455.92
CGFF 002             $3090.51
Kōrero 066           $2258.13
Surf Seat 067        $ 154.93

Moira to check with Kate re invoicing Te Ahu for Korero. The Pelorus Trust application has been sent to Margaret.

Moved Moira sec Paul – financial report approved.

Correspondence – none

Project Updates

Community Garden Food Forest: Ongoing database/register of all the trees which have been planted to be updated. An inventory of equipment, tools and other assets is to be set up. These documents are to be saved in Google Drive for secure keeping. Labelling of trees per the schedule to be carried out over the next couple of months. Aims of the CGFF to be formulated at a separate gathering of those interested. Another successful visit from kindergarten children. Spring Festival planned for 23 September. PCC arborists have very generously delivered several loads of mulch.

He Ara Pukerua: We have been advised the Wellington Community Trust is unlikely to approve funding. Approval requested from this meeting tonight to apply to Hutt Mana Trust for further funds. Paekakariki Station Museum is running two of He Ara’s power point presentations – Building the Highway and Pukerua Photos from 1896 to 2022. We decided that the memorial to the rail tunnelers who were killed in 1885 should be on the Te Araroa trail on or near Muri Station, but with a small plaque near the relevant tunnel. Dave from Paekakariki Station Museum prefers a carpark along Centennial Highway. Three local experts with science backgrounds are writing about the flora, fauna and geology of the Bay for the website. Did you know there is a Dulux paint called Pukerua Bay, and one of the early Dulux dogs was bred in Pukerua Bay? This story will eventually be on the website. Greg Campbell has written an article about Meg and Alistair for the website. The RSA very generously allowed us to host the monthly quiz evening. The community support made this a very worthwhile fundraising event for us.

Recommended that the Committee approve an application from He Ara to Hutt Mana Energy Trust of up to $3000 to continue building the website. Moved Margaret, sec Mel – approved.

Kōrero: Latest edition is now out and distributed. The focus is Matariki and it’s a 20-page newsletter with funding support from Te Ahu. No new advertisers, so the newsletter is funded from grants going forward (unless new advertisers emerge). The deadline for the next issue is August 1. The focus is on immigrant stories. The recommended printing run is 750, not 760 as we have multiple copies left over.

Waste Free PKB – no report. Another recycling sorting session is planned for July 27 at RSA.

General Business

  • Website, emails, digital archive. Website was down last week. Ongoing issues with invoices not coming through. Do we need to discuss webmaster role? There seems to be a lag in getting things done.
  • Action: Need to document all the workings of the website – providers; domains; passwords etc. to future-proof the RA information. Need to check in with Jonathon re availability. Paul will do. Thanks to Iain for putting minutes on website.
  • October 11 AGM speaker: Margaret suggested Garth Gully on disaster management. Margaret will check with Dorothy whether she has made progress with Jane Campion. Nathan Hotuora Gray is also a possibility.