March 2021 Residents’ Association meeting minutes

Tuesday 9 March 2021
Pukerua Bay RSA, 5-7 Wairaka Road

Present: Paul FitzGerald, Margaret Blair, Iain MacLean, Kate Dreaver, Mel Galletly, Nikky Winchester, Pauline Morum, Josh Trlin (PCC), Marie Hook, Chris Ells (Pukera Bay School Principal)
Apologies: Jonathan Harker, Moira Lawler, Jenny Brash (GWRC), Chris Kirk Burnnand (GWRC), Josh Trlin for lateness
Approval of previous minutes: No changes.
Motion to receive: moved Kate, seconded Mel, motion carried.

Matters arising

An advertisement for the WREMO workshop on 20 March is on PKB Trading Facebook page. Paul will approach Whetu Bennett (WREMO) for a poster to put on the RA board at the train station.

Financial Report

BNZ account balance:
00 account $5698.15
25 account $85.10
TOTAL $5783.25

Income: $750 Kōrero advertising, $1.01 interest
Expenditure: $501.92 Kōrero printing

Invoices outstanding: Kylie Lyne @ Clark & Co $460 Kōrero advertising

Margaret has asked that the Kōrero publishing team prepare a budget for 2021 financial year (to end of September). She will add it as a separate spreadsheet in the PBRA budget.

Pauline Morse, Brian Sullivan, and June Penhey have been removed as signatories from bank account. Moira Lawler has been approved by bank, but the account ‘owners’ have to approve it. BNZ will ring Paul and Iain for approval.

Agreed to open a PBRA account at Flying Colours for printing Kōrero, using the contact email.

Motion to receive report: Moved Margaret, seconded Paul, motion carried.

Chris Ells, Pukerua Bay School Principal

Chris met with the Committee as part of a community engagement programme he is running to talk about the vision and strategy of the school. The school’s learning framework is a work in progress, but it has three core elements:

  • Local curriculum
  • Positive behaviour for learning (PB4L)
  • Building connections.

Chris says he wants the school and community to work together for the benefit of the children. Even with all the residential development to the south of Pukerua Bay possibly changing the culture of the school, it will remain a country school for a long time.

There are rich learning opportunities in the local curriculum, having local experts come into the school for ‘authentic’ learning so the kids know their background. He would like to bring elderly people into the school to read with the children. Community and school are already working together in the ‘bush school’ (gully by SH1).

Other actions and plans:

  • Working with Leo Smith to develop a ‘nature school’
  • Would like to see art structures in place
  • Develop a PKB school Yellow Pages of local experts the school can call on for help
  • Working with the Springboard Trust to kickstart the charter
  • More professional development for him as school leader
  • Has started a student council to give the students more say in the school
  • Working to be a litter-free school with no rubbish bins
  • Introducing play-based learning with provocations for younger classes (back to an older style of teaching for youngest students)
  • Make the old disused rooms on the side of the hall into a ‘maker space’ for student projects
  • Had to put a fence around the school for student health and safety, but the gates are never locked.

Kate invited him to run a village planning workshop with students and will connect with him to organise.

PCC update

Plimmerton flooding major concern of Council’s now. Meeting with residents to discuss catchment studies commissioned by Council. Studies will cover many of the high-risk areas in Porirua.

Wellington Water is starting up roving crews looking for cross-connections between stormwater going into wastewater, starting in two weeks in Titahi Bay. Teams of five across Wellington region. It’s difficult for PCC to act on these, but Wellington Water can. Getting rid of them will reduce the impact on the water treatment plant.

Long Term Plan consultation is gearing up. PCC will hold face-to-face public meetings in March/April. The future of the village planning programme is a specific consultation issue. There are issues that can be fixed, rather than a reason to get rid of it.

Under investment in 3-waters is a major concern, and it will be the big spend in the LTP. Council is trying to prioritise it and keep rates increase below double figures. City doesn’t have the capacity to cope with the 1-in-50-year flood with the current population. Councillors have attended a workshop on trends towards water metering. There are alternative to most outcomes from metering, apart from behaviour change they provoke. Renewals of Wellington Water 3-waters infrastructure funded by Councils is now 70 per cent of investment – up from 30 per cent. Department of Internal Affairs is reviewing the provision of water by public authorities. There is likely to be merging of entities and fewer organisations responsible for providing water to larger groups of towns and cities.

LTP will include more borrowing and will push out a balanced budget by a couple of years. Council is limited by its capacity (partly workforce and contractor availability) to deliver on projects to repair water.


  • Emails from Clare Giblin (PCC) re extension of Ara Harakeke between Pukerua Bay and Porirua. The switchback between Haunui Road and SH1 is still being done in the plan.
  • Trees on Teihana Road East next to road approaching train station will be trimmed back off road and power lines. The trees are on PCC road reserve and PCC will prune them.

Progress on Action Items

Action Items:

Action: Paul & Mel to continue engaging with Paekakariki, Plimmerton and Paremata Residents Associations on working together once the SH1 review process starts
Action: Nikky to email proposed date for meeting to committee about Executive Committee Handbook

Projects Update

All projects running to plan.

Kōrero Community Newsletter – Response to issue 1 was very positive. Thanks for Margaret for helping to manage the finances and pay the bills. Sponsors for second issue are Euon Murrell and Pukerua Bay RSA. Topic for issue 2 is ‘The future’. Due out by 22 April, before Anzac Day. Mel has agreed to be distribution manager, to get copies to the deliverers.

Themes for the rest of the year are:

  • The future
  • Matariki/environment
  • Learning
  • Christmas

Other Business

  • Disappearing rubbish bins – Marie Hook was concerned about the rubbish bins disappearing from car parks, such as the large park at the bottom of the first hill on Centennial Highway. She had been in touch with PCC, which told her that they had not taken them away and would replace any bins that have gone from the car parks along the beach, including the one from the lookout at the exit from Pukerua Bay.

Meeting ended: 9.00pm
Next meeting: 13 April 2021.