September 2020 Residents’ Association meeting minutes

Tuesday, September 8, 2020
Pukerua Bay RSA, 5-7 Wairaka Road

Present: Paul FitzGerald (Chair), Nikky Winchester (Secretary), Iain MacLean, Kate Dreaver, Pauline Morum, Jonathan Harker, Margaret Blair, Mel Galletly, Bill Jackson, Nathan Waddle (PCC), Josh Trlin (PCC)
Community: Glenda Robb, Whetu Bennett ( WREMO), Moira Lawler, Sara Thomson, Pat Hanley, Alan Clarke, Gillian Candler
Apologies: June Penhey, Jenny Brash (GWRC)
Approval of previous minutes: moved Iain MacLean, seconded Kate Dreaver, none opposed, carried.

Penguin survey

Glenda Robb from the Kapiti Coast Biodiversity Project explained that they have received funding to do surveys on little blue penguins (Eudyptula minor, kororā) in Pukerua Bay. September to December is their nesting time. They use two methods: on sandy beaches, they look for footprints in the sand early in the morning; or they use a specially-trained dog to sniff them out (this is particularly good on non-sandy beaches). Leaflets will be circulated along Ocean Parade, Beach Road and Hanui Road in the next week. There is also a trapping programme along the beach to remove predators such as rats and stoats. The hope is that a large enough population will be found that a programme can be put in place to protect them and ideally increase their numbers over time. The survey will take place in the next few weeks (weather dependent). There are groups elsewhere in the country doing similar work to protect their local kororā populations.

Gillian pointed out that the dog walking area on the beach is right by where there are penguin nests. Glenda suggested it may be worth lobbying PCC to make it a dog-free area, though it is difficult to get such a status. It was noted that there is still an ongoing problem of enforcement, which is not helped by the fact that there are no signs on the beach asking people to keep dogs on the leash.

Action: Iain to contact Brent Tandy at DOC re signage.
Action: Glenda to circulate link to a webcam in a nesting box in Paekakariki.
Action: Committee to circulate flyers to other parts of the village in October with the AGM notices.

Porirua City Council update

Nathan explained that the District Plan was activated and is now available for people to feed back on by 20 November. PCC is approaching each Residents Association in the city to invite responses.

Josh is on the Climate Change working group, which is looking at updating their terms of reference. The group currently has representatives from each of the GWRC councils plus Mana Whenua. Two big changes are being proposed: bringing in an accountability mechanism to ensure action and follow through; and providing capacity to have Mana Whenua representatives from all six iwi in the region. He noted that PCC is also starting to organise workshops for consultation on the Long Term Plan.

Wellington Regional Emergency Management Office (WREMO)

Whetu Bennett is the WREMO community resilience adviser in Porirua. He congratulated Pukerua Bay for our village’s response to the Covid-19 lockdown. Whetu focuses on high priority areas in the city (Whitby and Waitangirua) but is available to answer questions and provide support. He can run workshops on planning and preparing for emergencies, as well as earthquake drills. He helps PCC identify areas that they can assist with, and currently he is looking to find a location in Pukerua Bay for a new 25,000 litre water tank. There are already community water tanks at the school and the library.

In case of a civil emergency, the local WREMO operations centre is in Elsdon. Emergency Assistance Centres provide support such as a nurse and social worker. However, it is likely to take at least eight days to get those set up. In the meantime, Pukerua Bay would need to be self-sufficient.

Kate explained that there is a need to refresh the Civil Defence plan for the village. Whetu is happy to work with a local team to update it and also to help run a workshop to introduce residents to the updated plan.

Action: Kate/Iain/Paul/Jon to discuss edit requirements for Covid-19 page.
Action: Paul to put a tshirt in the noticeboard to encourage sales.
Action: Iain to talk to Archway Books about selling tote bags.


00 Account
$164.06 Surfers’ Seat
$159.28 Muzzy – T-shirts
$76.70 Teas, cakes, plants at Community Garden Open Day
$0.64 Interest

25 Account
$0.14 Interest


A message was received from Annette on 27 August regarding composting at the community garden. Paul has since talked to her.

Progress on action items

Action: Bill/Jon to discuss options for cloud storage.
Action: Jon to add the information about the 25 memorials around the village to the RA website once Margaret has collected the information.
Action:Pauline/Iain/Kate to continue investigating options for organising an art auction in November/December.
Action: Margaret to remove Brian Sullivan and Pauline Morse as signatories from the PKBRA bank account as they are no longer committee members.
Action: Margaret/Nikky to discuss the process for adding Nikky to the list of signatories.
Action: Iain/Paul to ask PCC to send their monthly updates to secretary@ and chair@ and remove all other names from their mailing list.
Action: Jon to ask Dave Pepperell about posting information on the website about the Surfers Seat event.
Action: Margaret to organise the seat plaque for Ernie Amey and Kath Fowler.
Action: Iain to look for name of DOC contact person re the installation of new signage about keeping dogs on a lead at the beach.
Action: Bill to investigate possibility of recycling computer equipment.

E-Waste Services have recently moved to 1 Prosser Street, 04 564 5464. They accept anything with a plug that is electronic. You can drop off or they will pick up. They also recycle polystyrene.

Projects update

Muri Platform building

The updated lease is sitting in the Kiwirail office in Wellington Station and can’t be accessed until we move into Level 1 lockdown.

The opening went well. However, some work was required to fit the panels accurately. The event was led by representatives from Ngāti Toa who did a significant blessing of the community garden as well as the building. Thanks to Jane Comben for the design work and to Ted Coates for mowing and tidying up along the platform. The community garden group offered hot drinks and sausages, and there was also storytelling.

Action: Margaret to provide appropriate details on the event to Jon for website.

Village Plan review

Kate met with Justine from PCC. While PCC are keen to help with our village planning review; however, with the pause on capital funding and the pause on the village planning programme, it may be difficult to get financial support from them. The Village Plan team need to write a brief explanation of the purpose of the village plan, and how we intend to engage with the community in an ongoing way over the coming decades. The hope is to still get some funding from PCC for the survey, but the timing for launching the survey will be delayed.

Community centre

Action: Iain to talk to the Diocese about their intentions for St Mark’s building.

Annual General Meeting

Date: Thursday 22 October, 7.30-9pm at the Community and School Hall. The School Newsletter is going out on 24 September.

Action: Paul to ask school to include AGM notice and kororā survey leaflet in newsletter.


  • Glenda – penguin survey
  • Gillian – litter survey
  • Plimmerton Farm developer?
  • Friends of Taupo Swamp?
  • Village Planning survey

There was some discussion about whether to organise a supper. This depends on the Lockdown level at the time, so a decision will need to be made nearer to the date of the meeting.

Proposed amendments to Rules

There was some discussion about whether the RA should actively be advocating for local businesses. It was suggested that the Village Planning survey include a question, and that the Rules may be reconsidered after the survey has been completed. The other proposed changes were discussed.

Action: Paul/Nikky to rewrite and present via email for approval by the Committee so the amendments can be circulated to the community at least 14 days before the AGM.

Other business

Action: Committee to read through the draft Committee handbook and discuss in more detail at the October meeting.

Meeting ended: 9.54pm
Next meeting: 13 October 2020

Appendix: Village Planning update from PCC

He Are Pukerua

The uncovering of the latest heritage panels last Saturday at the former Muri Station Southbound was a great time for celebrating and sharing the history of railways in Pukerua Bay. The research and writing the team has undertaken (especially Ashley and Margaret Blair) is an outstanding commitment to bring this heritage to the community.

The final installation within the available remaining village planning budget for this project will be the wide format heritage station along Centennial Highway, celebrating the construction of the road. The structure is now in place and just needs the panels fixed to the frame later in the year.

Ara Harakeke shared pathway extension

After the success of widening the footpath from the shops to the overbridge, NZTA have asked if PCC could consider widening the section from Haunui Road to SH1 near Ted Coates’ house with 100% funding. PCC’s construction partner Mills & Albert are currently costing the proposal.

When the costed proposal has been received, it has to be submitted to NZTA for their internal processes to evaluate and decide if it is a suitable project for funding. PCC will let us know when the costing is submitted.

Community food forest

It was great to see the renovations now underway again following the COVID 19 lockdown on the former northbound Muri Station building. Please keep all receipts for the materials, as they need to be submitted to Council before 31December for accounting purposes.

Pukerua Bay community hub initiatives

This project – which focuses on creating opportunities for community connections – has an operational budget allocation of $4,750 to support initial research and a local programme of activities. PCC are looking forward to working on this initiative in a way that aligns with broader village planning objectives.