Community of Pukerua Bay

Pukerua Bay Residents' Association

Tuesday, 14 December 2010, 7.30 pm

Pukerua Bay Residents' Association committee members: Pat Hanley (Chair), Pauline Morse, June Penhey (Treasurer), Iain MacLean, Robyn Moore (Secretary/Civil Defence Coordinator), Kate Dreaver, Gill England, Lindsay Thomas
PCC: Village Planning - Ian Barlow
Councillor - Anita Baker, Bronwyn Kropp
GWRC: Councillor - Jenny Brash

Apologies: Barbara Donaldson, Dagmar Pesendorfer

Minutes of November Meeting: Proposed: Robyn, Seconded: June.


Balance $4,206.99
Paid: Pat and June - printing AGM notices $123.30




Pre-school Facilities

Note letter from Karen Apperley re. use of RSA car park and zoning for local entry to pre-school et al. Amanda Coulston updated us at AGM on plans for the expansion of the pre-school at Wairaka Reserve to accommodate 30 children (13 at present). Lindsay noted this is a contentious issue.

Muri Station

Peter Bailey proposed two-pronged attack on the Muri Station issue to overturn assumptions and thus save the station. Why is the work really required? Suggesting alternative solution to use straight part of platform for two cars only. The gap is in fact less than current. Eight cars is a future requirement. More likely is a four car configuration and there would be moderate issue with this as all straight. The hazards are reduced, with no work. Key point: No serious accidents at Muri Station ever, so the basis for closure is a moot point. The (larger) risk has been managed since the 1950s and there are another 54 stations that do not meet standards. Every day there are risks like ours managed, we therefore do not believe there is a need to close station and there is also no need to spend the money they suggest, as the risk automatically reduces just with the introduction of the new trains. Not wishing to discuss mitigation over closure at this point.

Peter Bailey will talk to officers and we will talk to our representatives on the GWRC. We want to save the station. Meeting early Feb at the station (suggests Jenny Brash). Note 54 of our stations fail to meet safety standards. We have carried the risk all this time - and the public at the AGM was unanimous in support of saving the station. Also concerned about KiwiRail staff efforts to prevent people walking from Muri to the southern platform. There has never been a problem and this is a well used path we would like to keep. Jenny Brash still learning about the issues - open-minded.

Election of Offices

Propose to elect next year. Welcome to Lindsay. Refreshments at the beginning 7-7.30 pm. Kate to get key to Dagmar.

Village Planning

Key action areas were presented at the AGM for discussion/comment. Sites have been identified, and the story (Tony Jackman and Margaret Blair hold a lot of this detail). Green and gold trails need to be done by end of June 2011 and are on target (ecological/historical, interpretive info Maori/European). Gill, Kate and Pauline are on the sub-committee for the trails. Meeting between Ian Barlow, Kate and Gill. Can make funding application - Pat - Lotteries and Tindell Foundation. Signs and stories potential for eco-tourism and potential for more use of Muri. Extends around Pukerua Bay. Lindsay has ideas about physical improvements - e.g. info at lookout, footpath widening near Charles Gray homestead, with signs and info. Ara Harakeke - good quality signage and wider paths - length from weigh station to northern boundary of Pukerua Bay. Could reference Pat Stoddard.

State Highway 1

Overbridge: Pat proposed a traffic control officer (lollypop person 35 hours a week) to manage crossing and traffic as an alternative to lights; doing this for March when the span is taken away. Robyn would like to pursue the safe crossing option. Others suggested recalling the civil disobedience and other actions taken previously. Letter to General Manager, NZTA "Are you including funding for the overbridge in the annual plan?" Hottest topic in our Village Plan consultation. Do we want a stop-gap solution? Official application for NZTA.

Weed management plan needed.

Marine Protection

New signs coming and leaflets with new info. Progress on Victoria University research so far? Committee to look into.

Civil Defence

Navigation communications course four attendees from Pukerua Bay, so now will sort out radios and have them fully functional. Live exercise at Porirua where we had to set up welfare centres after a Tsunami - 500 people from Pukerua Bay and off highway and train. Good to have had offer from Kate for Scout Hall and School Hall. Key holders: Kate, Mary Jones, Chris Lees. Do stock take with Iain on Scout Hall inventory that might be useful in emergency.

Update from Jenny Brash

Building competitive cities - urban design plan looking at how to get better, more efficient planning. Committees have changed. Regional Council has a new name (meaning "crown of the fish"). Councillors are taking trips to learn about their region. Facing huge challenges with trains. Email Lindsay invite.

Next meeting: Tue, 8 Feb 2011 7.30 pm.

Action Points

Meeting closed at 9.30 pm