Community of Pukerua Bay

Pukerua Bay Residents' Association

Tuesday, 9 August 2011, 7.30 pm

Pukerua Bay Residents' Association committee members: Iain MacLean (Chair), Dagmar Pesendorfer, June Penhey (Treasurer), Gill England (Secretary), Lindsay Thomas, Robyn Moore, Kate Dreaver
Community: Nick Giles-Palmer, Dave Gurr
PCC: Euon Murrell, Tim Sheppard, Ian Barlow

Apologies: Anita Baker

Minutes: Moved: Kate, seconded: June. Adopted.

Matters Arising from Minutes

A walkway connection from Muri Road to Te Ara Harakeke - Ian Barlow has investigated and we will need NZTA permission to do anything under the bridge for walkway.

A report re. Wairaka land use re-designation going back to PCC on 18 Aug. Given the interest in the contents around this issue, it is suggested that we give an overview in the community newsletter.

Financial Report

Balance $5,362.79

Hall hire donation has been banked. Need to apply to PCC for annual grant.
Web domain fee $45.94 to pay. Moved: Kate, seconded: Robyn.



Discussion:Proposal from Tim Sheppard re. rates for discussion. Do we want as an association to adopt principles for consultations on long term plan? Tim - got to get views you have earlier rather than later. Now is the time to get views injected into long term plan; includes quantitative performance measures on financial strategy - communities will have thoughts as rates is the number one issue for community.

Iain suggested it may be timely for a discussion around the appetite in communities for debt, how do we advise and educate about rates? Ability to see weekly or monthly against other household costs. A simple flyer that shows how it fits into household budgets is a suggestion.

PCC Annual Plan Submission

Response to our submission on Annual Plan - Green Meadows Reserve has been scheduled for revitalisation.

Action: Robyn to get back to PCC and say we want to be part of the process. Bars and flying fox and emphasis on older kids involved in soccer.

Green and Gold Trails

Planting day 27 Aug, 9.30 am. BBQ lunch.
Gill and Kate to meeting with Linda Kerkmeester to update plan and progress. Linda is arranging a meeting with Hermann Salzmann, the pou whenua carver so we can get to know each other and he can share his ideas.

Relationship with Community Organisations

Iain raised the question: Do we need a more formal relationship with other groups, especially in instances when groups put in submissions under our name or put their grant money into the PBRA account? A memo for financial arrangements for clarity is a suggestion. The key is to be collaborative, supportive, connected, working together based on shared principles.

As the PBRA is incorporated society - there might be bodies that do get grants and we are happy to support that. There is simply a need for clarity and a way to communicate with each other about applications so we know when they are made on behalf of the PBRA.

Action: Iain to draft a memorandum of understanding.

Civil Defence

Civil Defence is currently doing a Civil Defence plan for Pukerua Bay. Louise Ione and Steve Hinchliffe have volunteered. Robyn passed on a reminder to make sure food storage containers are airtight.

Village Planning Update

Action: Iain to provide final changes to Village Plan to Robyn so she can finalise and send to PCC.

Community garden: Nick has discussed with a few contacts to look at sites and what they want to do with it. An emergency water supply set up in that site would be good, too. One idea is to use a shed to capture roof water. Muri Station sheds ... the one closest to the shed has not been vandalised lately and could stay where it is? It may be a good use for the station for now.
Action: To get started, Nick and Dave to get together with Tony Jackman, Pat Hanley, Gay Hay for a workshop with Ian Barlow.

Village Plan PCC

Comments: The Fulton Hogan weed killing on berms has been "overkill".
Action: Robyn to ring and register a complaint via PCC.

Dave Gurr expressed disappointment since his recent move to Pukerua Bay on the closing of Muri Station and frustration with aspects of Pukerua Bay generally.

* Put Lindsay Skinner, PCC on email circulation list.

Meeting closed at 9.10 pm