Community of Pukerua Bay

Pukerua Bay Residents' Association

Tuesday, 12 April 2011, 7.30 pm

Pukerua Bay Residents' Association committee members: Iain MacLean (Chair), June Penhey (Treasurer), Robyn Moore (Secretary/Civil Defence Coordinator), Dagmar Pesendorfer, Kate Dreaver, Lindsay Thomas, Pauline Morse, Gill England
PCC: Ian Barlow (Village Planning), Trevor Mason (Graffiti Management Coordinator)
Councillor - Anita Baker, Sue Dow, Tim Sheppard, Euon Murrell
Community: Vicar Jenny Dawson

Apologies: PCC councillors who are attending a meeting for the draft annual plan, Jenny Brash (GWRC)

Minutes: Passed: Iain, June.

Matters Arising

Trevor Mason - graffiti funding: Re. loss of Ministry of Justice funding as in last minutes: 3/4 of funding has been allocated by PCC ($62,000) to offset the amount lost from the Ministry of Justice. Seeking community input in draft annual plan.

Financial Report

Balance $4,088.90

Robyn - reimburse for BNZ for "Closed for Good" working bee barbeque at the beach. Angus burgers, coleslaw, juices, etc. for 15+ helpers. Thanks BNZ and everyone who came down - great work! $91-11 paid.


Re. correspondence sent to Pat, need to note change of officers. Send Lindsay Skinner (PCC) minutes and record change of officers.


Maintenance of footpath on SH1

See Muri Station actions (Ian Barlow).

Muri Station

All parties have been contacted by PBRA re. the consultation promised on Muri Station's closure announced by GWRC in March, including email to Jenny Chetwin, Regional Manager GWRC (Iain).

Meeting to map out possible actions regarding pedestrian accessibility for Muri Station users who will walk/bike to Pukerua Bay Station after closure date at end of April. Simon Kennett, Active Transport & Road Safety Coordinator GWRC, 3pm with PCC's Andrew Gray and possibly Ian Barlow. Dagmar, Kate, Pauline, Robyn could be available to meet if required. Pauline Morse will meet Simon. "We have to be careful to not spend a lot of money on a Red Herring which nobody will use" (Lindsay). See later paragraph - resolution to consult with community.

Ian Barlow: Re. upgrade of SH1, consider that if path are put at Muri end, they would have to be lit and the path made safe (concreted, etc.). What if Muri Station is closed off to restrict crossing? Then a Muri Reserve pathway would be a cost that may not be the most benefit to walkers to Pukerua Bay Station. Muri Road is unlikely to get a footpath. PCC's view is that left (western) side going north is the preferred option - but keeping open mind. What about a path where the style is (Kate and Iain)? Muri Road connects with Sea Vista Drive, would need a bridge across the gully? Need to look at what is the best use of a block of money ... $200,000 estimated to go from Pukerua Beach Road to north end of Pukerua Bay along SH1, connecting with the extended walk/cycleway. Same amount for the reserve path likely. So it's a "best use" discussion.

Let's find out how much money is being put on the table by GWRC.

Need to check back with community once we have solutions and costs. Propose a survey at station (Robyn - all agree). Council will fund a survey to see what people are doing to get to work from Muri end - but with only days before end of term, must do this when schools are back and Muri Station is closed.
Questions: How are you getting to Pukerua Bay Station? Which station is closest for you, Muri or Pukerua Bay? Need to capture views of people no longer taking the train due to Muri closure newsletter: If you are a Muri Station user, but are not using the Pukerua Bay Station, please contact us/respond to this quick survey. Early May, Ian Barlow will come up to help - from 6.30am.

Neighbourhood Accessibility Goal - move safely through the village (on foot and on bikes, in vehicles.

Advised Wayne Hastie (GWRC), there is new paint on the Muri Station platform!

Village Planning Update

PCC city services 18 Mar 2011. Spent $20,000 of the $46,000 for village green and gold trails.

Kate has started to write a summary of the Village Plan - will give the surveys to Dagmar. Robyn and Dagmar to run through Kate's draft together.

Green and Gold Trails

Gill is scoping a workshop idea - Linda Kerkmeester needs to work on the ID markers, etc. presenting physical aspects. Linda and Gill to go over project plan and arrange workshop with key stakeholders as soon as possible. Tana Salzmann - has made a great job of pou whenua at Takapuwahia.

Marine Protection

Pauline: Watch group - have had briefing from Ministry of Fisheries about questioning people who are acting suspiciously - how to go about it, who to contact, what action to expect. Community newsletter with information about the protection, community involvement and Pauline's number ... paging service to get Fisheries out immediately. Recently a fishing boat has been "called in" by many in the bay - hauling fish potentially. Fisheries have been involved. New signage on marine protection is up. Lindsay - possibly no number to call on the sign? Pauline to check this.

Call 0800 4 POACHER.

Civil Defence

Had meetings this month with school and reviewed their emergency response strategy.

Excellent results from testing water quality in the CDEM tanks at sites around Porirua, including Pukerua Bay.

Have new team members in Civil Defence Pukerua Bay. Have upcoming short courses for members. Robyn's next course is pre-paramedic training in May.

Fun at Neighbours Day type barbeque. Good to swap information on emergency preparedness as well as catching up - one of the neighbours has a huge (full) rainwater tank, most are reasonably well prepared for emergency. Some had household/neighbour plans.

Village Planning

Trevor Mason - graffiti control trial. Intention was to completely seal the whole skate park to reduce graffiti. 11 Feb strip trial with high speed bike and skateboard: Dry park - good. Wet park - sealed surfaces more slippery than unsealed. Signage is an option to warn people. What do we want to see there? Total seal or status quo and zap any graffiti immediately. At this stage best to have safer, less slippery park. Phil will water-blast trial seal off. Plan - PCC can supply grey recycle paint to community to paint over graffiti. The quicker it is zapped the better. Can we get some volunteers to paint over/wipe off the graffiti? PCC will graffiti-seal the supply box, metal uprights, and the upright walls. Trevor has had potential volunteers come forward. Need to educate the guardians about what the sealant looks/feels like so they can avoid painting over it. Just needs wiping over with a wet cloth. Gill to speak to Tony Jackman about sealing the education centre in Secret Valley. Trevor to supply a can of sealant. Iain to speak to Chris Lees to update him. List of streets with volunteers (graffiti guardians) - from Trevor.

This Saturday, 16 April: planting of SH1 at Wairaka Road. Refer to Tony Jackman.

Meeting with Kris Faafoi - Kate and June

Also present: Helen Keivom, Paekakariki Community Board. Shared concerns, would like closer working relationships with Porirua neighbours. PBRA agrees this would be good.

Kapiti and Porirua residents' associations could workshop some of the common denominators together. Possibly when "meet the candidates" comes up. Kris Faafoi, Grant Robertson, Trevor Mallard and Maori candidates are interested in meeting next week, but no one available.

Other Business

Annual Plan - NAP included, which is pleasing. PBRA agrees to make a supportive submission, including the wastewater/stormwater expenditure.

Resignation: Robyn regretfully resigned this month due to increasing commitments to Civil Defence and Red Cross, and a full-time contract. Gill will take up the reins as secretary next time. Thank you Gill.

Meeting closed at 9.35 pm

Action Points


Kate attended a public meeting held by the Wellington Kindergarten Association. There were about 20 people, mostly parents of pre-school children + teachers. We could put the plans, etc. up on our web site for people to look at. Concerns raised were about the traffic and parking issues, and ensuring (priority) entry for Pukerua Bay children.